12 Greatest Phone Apps That Everyone Should Have

greatest phone apps

On average I spend 65 minutes on my phone and I unlock it 70 times a day. That’s about 5% of my day spent on my phone. 

But I’ll tell you right now – that hour does not go to waste.

Unlike most people who “invest” nearly a $1,000 on a phone, I treat my phone as an asset. It’s something meant to advance my life, not occupy or inhibit it. 

(If you don’t believe your wasting your life on your phone, download the Quality Time app to see for yourself)

Here are the 12 excellent apps everyone should have for increased productivity, convenience and daily ass-kicking:

Gmail (+Productivity)

This app is best used for two things:

  • Checking and Replying to emails
  • Emailing yourself notes and reminders

It’s smooth, easy to use, and easily accessible and functional on desktop and other devices.

Fitbit (+Physique)

This is a fitness app. Without your own Fitbit you can use:

  • Huge food database to scan and track your calories
  • If you have common meals, you can save them to track you caloric intake
  • You can input and track your weight

With a Fitbit, it will:

  • Count your steps
  • Track your sleep activity (very useful)
  • Track the distance you walk/run
  • Utilize a custom silent alarm
  • Determine the calories you burn
  • Graph your caloric intake and outtake side-by-side (incredibly useful)
  • And more (go on the site to see your macronutrient intake & bonus stuff)

If you want to lose weight check out my posts A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Lose Weight and 4 Ways You Can Lose Fat & Become Lean.

Each post is based off of my own personal experience and shows you the only things you need to know to accomplish your weight loss goal. The best part: it’s free.

Messenger (+Social)

I use Messenger far more than I use regular texting. You will have those few one-on-one conversations with people who you care to keep up with. But if you have any of the following:

  • a group of friends you go out with
  • family you keep in touch with
  • buddies you go to the gym with

Then do yourself a favor and make a group chat. Not only will they keep each other entertained when you’re off living life outside of them. But they also won’t be offended that you sparsely talk to them, because the group chats promote gathering.

The biggest point is to make sure every group has a purpose. Specifically those that fit into your goals or fall into your social support.

Regardless if you use Messenger – make sure to utilize group chats.

Bank of America (+Money)

Or whatever bank you use.

This is purely to keep track of your money.

Simplest Checklist (+Productivity)

It’s the best no-nonsense to-do list app out there. No discussion. Here’s the link to it.

It’s stupid easy to use:

  1. Input your tasks
  2. Check off what you complete
  3. At the end of the day, trash the completes
  4. Repeat

Here is a post on why the To-Do List is The #1 Tool For Being Productive.

WordPress (+Brand)

If you have a website that uses WordPress, this is a must. 

You want this app installed because the exact moment you have an idea is the exact moment you have to drop everything and write everything that flows through your mind.

Then edit and refine later. When you’re done, publish.

Bam! Building your brand straight from your phone.

Fitocracy (+Physique)

“Fitocracy is an online game and social network that aims to use gamification to help users improve their fitness.” (wiki)

There are three reasons why this app is the greatest game on mobile:

You can log and track all of your workouts. So you can go back and check out your personal records.

You gain experience points after every workout. There are even Quests and Achievements you can take on for extra points

You Level Up. Because who doesn’t like to kick-ass?

It’s also a lot more easier to use and access than a notebook where you log all of your information.

Clock (+Productivity)

Simple, yet underutilized. Here are the 3 main uses for the Clock app:

  1. An alarm to wake up or as a reminder
  2. A countdown for rest periods between sets
  3. The Greatest No-Nonsense Productivity Trick Of All Time

Amazon Kindle (+Mindset)

There isn’t a single problem that we have, that someone hasn’t already written about in a book.

If you’re not a reader, then become one. Specifically, you should only read what pertains to your goals and what looks genuinely interesting to you. 

Here are the 5 Books I Recommend that will Guide You To Greatness. If you read these five books, you will be far ahead of everyone else for a long time.

There’s no shame in leaving a book unfinished either. If you’re able to apply one idea from it into your life, it’s considered a positive investment.

Voice Recorder (+Productivity)

There are 3 reasons to have this app handy:

  1. You have an idea in the car and you need to let it out
  2. To talk out loud; you’d be surprised how often rambling leads to something
  3. Someone is giving you free value/content (ie. seminar, experienced advice)
  4. Legal reasons

Calculator (+Money)

Count your money. This will help you track your income and expenses.

Camera (+Brand)

Every picture you take and video you record is yours. That’s your content. You can choose to share it or choose to hold onto it.

But so many people underestimate the power of a camera. Because while there are so many people giving out content for free (think Snapchat), there are geniuses making assloads of money on the internet using a simple camera. You can find just about all of them on this site.

It pains me to see people waste their time trying to look cool on their content. When outside of those 20 seconds where they set up their camera op, they’re just regular people who do boring things.

Check out my post on how to maximize any purchase you make and build yourself an asset.

Final Checkpoint

In conclusion, your phone should be used as an asset to make you a better asskicker in real life. Not some phony who doesn’t do anything meaningful. Despite holding a device that could be used to progress your life any so many ways.

Let go of all of those unproductive apps and actually measure yourself and build something that will mean something some day. Because life isn’t meant to be lived and wasted on a screen. It’s meant to live out there – in the real world.

Stop Wasting Time On Your Phone

greatest phone apps

And Use It To Put Time Into Yourself

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