How To Get A Bigger Butt & Bigger Boobs


Women do something that most men choose to neglect. And that’s being concerned for your physical appearance.

Women understand that physical appearance is important. Men typically don’t care as much as women, but we should. Women understand that your own personal style and physique is important for navigating through life.

That’s why things like make-up, hair extensions, and pushup bras exist. Ladies are more accepting of these ‘body modifications’ because – to be blunt – they’re more aggressive about getting what they want. Men should be more accepting about these modifications as well, even for themselves. We all must search for and conquer the advantage – that edge in life.

Hate to break it to the dudes, but it’s not all for our attention. It’s all about the perks. People who look better, are treated better. Looking good has its own benefits. I suspect that plenty of men don’t notice this because they’re too busy kissing a pretty girl’s ass because she’s good looking.

Meanwhile, she’s just enjoying the perks of looking good. And that’s not evil in any sort of way. She’s taking advantage of the edge in life that she’s obtained. Who says you can’t do the same? That goes for both men and women.

Tip: Just because you aren’t good looking doesn’t mean you can’t look good.

We all wish we were blessed with incredible physical attributes. Maybe it’s a sexier figure made up of nice breasts and a big ass. Or maybe it’s towering height coupled with broad shoulders.

Marketing oneself as cute, sexy, professional, or whatever it takes to get that edge in life. Work to become better than average.

For the men, if you’re wondering how to become taller, then check out this post.

Ladies, if you’re looking for ways to instantaneously improve your figure. Keep reading.

Fellas, if you’re still there you might spot a gift for your woman. If your girl complains about her figure all the time, then she might actually love getting one of these. Just be tasteful about giving it to her:

Baby, I know you wish your body was a little different. I saw this and I got it for you, I thought maybe you might like it. Because I just want my baby to be happy.

Chances are, she might’ve been considering it but she doesn’t want to be judged by it.

No, there won’t be any make-up involved here. Sadly, men can’t tell the difference in makeup brands, and I am one of them. These two products are your more unconventional, lesser known products.

Typically, the only things I ever recommend on this site are things that I personally use or do myself that I know have brought me success. This post is different. Since I’m not some sort of sexy creep that walks around in women’s underwear, I can only tell you about the women’s products that I’ve seen in action with my own two eyes.

Waist Trainer” – Upper Body

In my personal experience, women who wear this look absolutely hot. This ranges from women who have no real need for it in the first place – to bigger women who have had a baby within the past year.

I’ll tell you what I’ve seen with my own eyes.

  • Poppin’ Breasts
  • Flat Stomach
  • No Lovehandles
  • Sexy Hourglass Shape

Women have even told me their body shape actually changes into an hourglass figure over time. You just keep using it and as your body gets used to it, you’re able to wear it tighter and tighter. It sure beats getting surgery.

The women I know who use this didn’t use the actual ‘Waist Trainer’ product. Instead, listed above is what they used. Based on reviews, it’s cheaper and better quality than the actual Waist Trainer product.

Butt Pads – Lower Body

Wearing these adds more cushion to your cakes. Although this is worn less than the waist trainer, it also offers instantaneous body transformation. Go from flat or saggy to big and bubbly.

  • Bigger Butt
  • Wider Hips
  • Tight Pants Where It Matters

Not so many women use this. I personally only know one person who wears it. But it looks nice and natural. Her only complaint is that it feels like a cushion instead of a butt. I can vouch for that. But then again, it’s padding – not a Brazilian butt lift.

If you want to boost that butt you’re going to have to work for it: Squats. Do them. Daily.

Important Note: Wear your undies under these. These aren’t straight panties. And you can where these butt pads every day.

To Conclude

These two products are incredible for instantaneously improving your figure. Both of which together will transform your entire body.

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