3 Tips For Dealing With Sadness

Tips For Dealing With Sadness

Everyone falls into an emotional rough patch. You’re not alone. Everyone has felt sadness, loneliness, inadequacy, insecurity, etc. It’s not a unique feeling to experience.

What is unique is how you got into your rough patch. If you’ve experienced a traumatic event, then it’s going to take time and moving forward to get through these down times. Or maybe you were walking around your workplace, your heart suddenly sank, and you thought to yourself ‘is this it’?

Whichever the case may be, everybody must learn to deal with sadness and loneliness. It’s part of the natural course of life. Be above others and learn how to manage it.

Here Are 3 Tips For Dealing With Sadness

Drop And Stay Away From Negative People

When you start feeling depressed, what are you telling yourself? Chances are, the words you are telling yourself are the words that came from another person. These small voices make a huge difference.

When you hear naysayers bring you down, you’re adding to the army of whispers in your head that will hold you back from greatness.

I read a study and it really changed how I perceived our mindset. Your brain responds to stimuli, which is either good or bad. When you think, your thoughts are stimulating your brain.

Positive stimuli cause your synapses to fire off and produce more positive stimuli. Negative stimuli cause your synapses to fire off and produce more negative stimuli.

In common terms: You get good at what you’re doing. If you’re thinking bad thoughts, you will make more bad thoughts. Stop thinking negatively. Work on… and yes it takes actual effort – work on thinking positively. Have a surplus mindset.

Drop those negative people. They love to give you doubt and negative thoughts. Especially those who guilt and shame you. Don’t even hold any negative feelings towards them. It’s what they are. There’s no reason to hate the sky for being blue, and there’s no reason to hate a snake for having poisonous fangs. They are what they are.

Forgiveness is letting the other person out of their cage – only to realize, that the person in the cage was yourself. But don’t forget that they fucked you over once, they will gladly fuck you over again. Walk away and never fear to burn a mangy bridge.

Talk To Yourself Differently

I think, therefore I am. All you can really be sure of is that you exist because you can think. But what good are your thoughts when all they do is bring you down? You must make the choice to think better of yourself.

You can choose to think I think that I am a loser, therefore I am a loser

or you can choose to think I think that I am a winner, therefore I’m a motherfuckin’ winner.

Why would you talk to yourself in a negative way, when you can talk to yourself in a positive way? You can get rid of all the negative people in your life. But you won’t be completely free until you can rid your mind of their whispers – don’t be your own parasite.

If you’re having a self-mutilating conversation with yourself, then change the conversation. Change it to anything that isn’t insulting your own being. Get up and move, jump in the car and take a drive with loud music on, physically move and give your head a rest.

If you’re having difficulty accepting yourself or your situation, I highly recommend the book Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. It will give you a more positive outlook and inlook on your life. You can read a post about it here.

Use Kratom To Feel Better Instantly

Kratom is a nootropic that is widely known to treat bouts of depression. It’s not a supplement that gets you “fucked up”. It can have a variety of effects, but I can tell you right now – it will lift your mood.

Ideally, kratom is a quick fix solution for those who have occasional moments of sadness or depressed moods. People wouldn’t know it, but I’m actually a melancholic person. When I first got kratom, it was to give myself a + Social in life. But what I actually found was that I was happier in general when I took kratom.

I got an idea of where my default mood should be. Even to this day I like to use kratom to help out with my long-faced moments. But I wouldn’t recommend taking kratom everyday if you have a firm long-season of depression occurring. You should see a therapist or specialist for that sort of problem.

If you only have occasional moments, or say a day, of depression – then I recommend you get yourself some kratom. Since it doesn’t happen often, you can use the same strain every time. It’s a good pick-me-up that doesn’t interfere with your life at all – unlike alcohol and marijuana.

I only ever recommend Happy Hippo Herbals kratom. If you’re interested in learning more about kratom outside of dealing with sadness, check out this post.

Something I also want to mention – if you have a problem, DON’T DRINK. Otherwise, you’re a Problem Drinker. You only get drinking problems when you partake in problem drinking. Don’t do it – it effectively kills your relationships with others and yourself. In the medium/long-run, it only makes things worse.


These are three tips for dealing with sadness that I have used personally. Each are solid, practical points that I hope everyone learns to utilize. If you have your own tips on how to get out from under the weather, feel free to leave a comment below.

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