3 Things That People Don’t Realize Make Relationships Work


Many men wonder why it seems like every relationship they have falls apart.

What’s the real reason their relationship didn’t last? No one can know for sure.

But what us men can do is help each other out with what we’ve learned from our past relationships.

In hopes of maintaining and thriving in the next one.

Here are 3 things people don’t realize that make relationships work.

1) Be Perceived Hotter Than the Girl

All women who believe you are hotter than them, will treat you with respect.

However, if she feels that you’re not on her level, she will grow disrespectful towards you.

Take a look at relationships where the woman ranks higher than her man (on a scale of one to ten).

You’ll notice that the woman will have no issue talking down to her boyfriend in front of other people.

I’ve seen this before, and it’s cringeworthy to witness.

I always feel bad for the guy before having to force myself to look away.

But this happens, and the reason why it happens is because she’s willing to push boundaries if she thinks she can get someone hotter than you (someone on her level).

However, a woman is less likely to push boundaries when she feels that her man is hotter than her. Because she naturally has more respect from him.

And it’s easier for him to maintain these boundaries when he’s a 7.5 and she’s a 7.

If you feel like you’re slipping below her then you should get to work and level up.

Men get points for having a physique, money, interests, style, you name it.

It also doesn’t hurt to be more charismatic and socialize.

Social validation can even make you feel hotter than your girl.

And so long as the girl in the relationship feels that you are ‘hotter’ than her, the relationship can maintain a sense of stability.

So do your best to be in a sexier position than her physically, financially, mentally, etc., etc., it only helps.

2) Sex & Cuddles

I’ve experienced stressful times in my life that have left me impotent and with displaced attention.

Experiencing these moments of weakness have revealed to me more about the real nature of sex and emotional attachment in regards to women.

That being said:

Yes, cuddles are nearly as important as sex.

You know what an ‘attention-deprived’ (strong quotations) woman’s favorite part of cheating on her man?

Its laying in bed with her ‘other man’ while you’re out handling your business doing what needs to be done to support you and her.

It’s an ugly thought, isn’t it?

Well the part where you lay in bed with your girl right after sex is probably the most important part for her emotional connection with you.

I know, I know. If you’re like me, you feel like cuddling is a waste of time

You might be thinking something along the lines of:

“… I got shit to do…”

But here’s a new way to think of it.

A girlfriend requires 2-4 hours of your undivided attention per week.

Lying in bed with her after a good round is the BEST time to do it.

And if it’s not you, then it’s going to be someone else.

So do it.

As for sex, I’ll keep this part brief:

  • Have sex that is selfish, crazy, and all for you
  • Have sex that’s tender-to-crazy, she finishes sex
  • Foreplay is part of sex too, do it
  • Make noise
  • Talk dirty
  • Get nasty and/or dangerous

People fail to mention that having a big enough dick to shove in her is also important.

I’ve also seen advice that tells you to not even think about her pleasure at all.

That’s stupid.

She wouldn’t want to have sex with you if she didn’t think you could pleasure her.

3) Marginalizing your partner is losing a relationship.

She shouldn’t be the number one thing in your life. But she must be important enough to have a role in your vision.

Nevertheless, this goes for both people in the relationship.

Marginalizing your partner means making your partner feel less important than something else.

It’s a simple dynamic: There’s you and there’s her.

Now add another thing into the dynamic.

It can be a hobby, an idea, work, etc. Ideally it isn’t another person.

If you treat the third thing as if it’s more important than your partner, she’s going to manifest bad feelings towards it and you.

Hopefully she’ll voice herself in this case.

The best thing to do is make her feel included. Ask for her input or a bit of help, maybe make her a part of it.

Or just make it clear to her that it’s something you need to do.

However, this doesn’t apply to people. For example:

Don’t facilitate her getting close to any guy.

There’s this advice going around saying to ignore it when a guy tries to make a move on your girl, or pretend you don’t care.

That’s stupid.

She’s your woman. You’re her man.

Cockblock the guy.

Given the status you two have together, no one will say a damn thing.

If she’s against you cockblocking (ie. she wants the other guy around) then you have a much bigger problem on your hands.

You best look for another woman. One who will respect you. Loyalty and such.

Final Checkpoint

All of this is my personal advice on things that people don’t realize make love relationships work.

I find that whenever I drop the ball on these points, the quality of the relationship goes down.

However, there are some people in general who will do you wrong no matter what you do.

It’s good to take responsibility for your life, and take in everything as if it’s all your fault.

But sometimes there’s really nothing you could’ve done about it.

Some people who do you wrong do it because it’s just the type of person they are.

So just remember that if someone can turn their back on you and walk away – you let them walk.

And always have a No Shortage mindset, because there will always be more women.


  1. Interesting take on relationships Rich. I agree with you. There’s a give and take that’s important and yes, cuddles are super bonding because we know that it’s not what guys typically want to do after sex. LOL So it’s appreciated. The hobby is a deal-breaker when it’s more important that the relationship (and that goes both for men and women).

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