5 Reasons Why Your Dog Is A Loyal Asset

Dog Is A Loyal Asset

1) Dogs help you recover between sets

There have been scientific studies that indicate that a person’s blood pressure lowers while petting a dog.

I take advantage of this whenever I can. After finishing a set on the bench or squat, I’ll call my dog over to give her attention.

The dog receives my praise for following my instruction, and as I pet her I notice that my breathing settles. When you have more control of your breathing, you can recover faster for your next set.

2) Dogs are loyal and pleasant company

Dogs are meant to live in packs, that’s why they cry out when you leave the house. Being alone is very unpleasant for them, but they must learn that crying won’t help and they must make peace with being alone sometimes.

That’s why when you’re around, a dog will jump up at you with excitement. The pack is reunited – and the dog is loyal to the pack. The same way the dog looks forward to seeing you at the end of the day, you may look forward to seeing your loyal dog.

Until then, the dog will hold down the home and keep it safe from robbery. If you take care of your dog, your dog will take care of you. But he will only be as obedient as you train him to be.

3) You get better at improving your tone

Dogs follow their noses first, eyes second, and ears last. To make your dog obey your commands you must strengthen your voice.

By owning a dog, you will naturally learn that he won’t obey if you voice yourself with frustration. Dogs don’t respond to a weak or timid force.

You will pick up on how you must command your dog. You must come from a place of assertive, calm energy. Instead, you must make your voice strong.

You will learn how to say ‘no’ like you mean it. You learn how to give instructions with confidence. And it all translates well into your real-world interactions.

4) Build discipline and patience

A dog learns who the leader is as soon as she walks into the house. Some may be more stubborn and difficult than others. So, it takes genuine patience to train a dog how she must follow you.

As the master, you must eat first. You must enter the home first. You must always be leading.

Owning a dog builds discipline because you must structure it’s time to work with your schedule. It relies on you for feeding and restroom time. By establishing structured times you will naturally build discipline as a byproduct.

5) People like dogs

Dogs are a great conversation starter with just about anyone who has dogs or has an interest in dogs. Dogs are also incredible at getting a woman’s attention. Ladies adore puppies and friendly dogs, so seize the moment and ask for her number.

I personally don’t like talking with people who only talk about their pets. But I do like the attention I get from walking my pup around a college campus. And I can tell that she likes it too.

Why You Shouldn’t Have a Dog

You shouldn’t have a dog if you don’t want one. Not everyone wants a pet anyway. They’re a responsibility and they can take up time and money. If you have allergies, or live with anyone who has allergies, then don’t get a dog.

You don’t have the time, money, or anyone else to help take care of the dog. The only reason I have a dog is because someone else in my household wanted it. If you’re in a position like mine, take advantage of the benefits. If it weren’t for that person, I wouldn’t have a dog, I’d be putting more of my time somewhere else.

If you can’t provide means of physical activity for the dog. People get pissed off when their dog makes a mess in the house. He typically does this when he’s not getting enough time outside or any exercise. Some dogs don’t require much physical activity, so get the right one for you.

If you’re going to neglect the dog – not feed her, wash her, or play with her. Don’t get a dog.

Don’t get a dog for the sake of the benefits that I’ve presented to you.

The only reason you should get a dog is because:

  1. You want one
  2. You can take care of one
  3. You can handle the responsibilities

Make your dog a loyal asset


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