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Hey everyone, my name is Rich. I am the creator of Level Up Stud.

Although this site is based around me. Everything here is for you

Like you I’m living life and learning every single day. 

So check back often, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Welcome to 

Level Up Stud

You’re probably wondering, who the hell is this guy? What’s his story? And where did Level-Up Stud come from?

Well, it’s a long story so get comfy.

Here’s a table of contents:

  • Rich Finds His Purpose**
  • Rich Goes to High School
  • Between High School & College
  • Rich Goes to College
  • Rich Creates Level-Up Stud**
  • Why is it called Level-Up Stud?**

Rich Finds His Purpose

I found my life’s purpose at a pretty young age.

Most people have trouble discovering their life purpose. Not me.

I was your typical fat loner growing up. My family was always broken and I felt like I didn’t matter. 

I remember talking to a friend about my depression. 

“I feel like if I died today, nobody would care. Not a single person would come to my funeral. It would just be an empty room with a casket. I don’t matter. ”

The next words I heard would change my life. He said:

“I would go. I think you matter.”

My eyes swelled up with tears. Because I finally heard what I needed to hear: I did matter

Since then my life purpose was clear: To make a positive impact on people’s lives. 

It was a very broad purpose. But it was purpose. 

Rich Goes to High School

I successfully lost 60lbs of body weight.

Developed a deep loyalty to my brothers.

Graduated high school as an International Baccalaureate.

I remember looking in the mirror and I hated the person I was. Obese, weak, and pathetic. 

At that moment I decided enough was enough. I’m going to lose this weight or I’m going to kill myself. 

Since I didn’t want to die, I became obsessed with achieving my mission. And I succeeded. 

Feeling control over my body and health brought me fulfillment. But my home life made me feel otherwise. 

For the most part my mother raised me and my two brothers.

But every now and then my father would drop in. He was human garbage. 

I remember one day as I walked into the garage he was talking down to my brothers saying, “you guys are my bitches, you got that?”

There was this one time he dared to lay his hands on me. And I made sure he’d never do it again

Between High School and College

I develop values to live by and define myself as man.

My old man kicked me out of the house for no reason.

Kicked out, I vowed to myself that I would never be a shitty person. And I told myself I would be a man of values.

Specifically, I wanted to stand for my values: Fearlessness, Progress, Hope, Forgiveness, and most of all Integrity.

Very virtuous. 

Before college started, I was allowed back into the house. But in the back of my head I would always remember: “we’re not safe here”. 

Rich Goes to College

I lose over $400,000 in property.

Backpacked around Europe at the age of 20.

Became homeless.

My first two years of college went by fairly smoothly. I had a serious girlfriend at the time and I was doing well in school.

But I always had a dreadful feeling that I wasn’t doing enough with my life. So I made the decision to make a trip overseas and travel across Europe. 

So I got the ticket a year in advance so I could gather and prepare.

Everything was going fine until I discovered my old man hid two properties in my name.

Once I found out about his real estate scam, I fought like hell to keep the properties myself.

But days before my trip date, they were taken from right under me. I lost.

What did I do?

Level-Up Stud Trip

I went on my trip.

But when I got back to the US, I had no home to come back to.

Rich Creates Level Up Stud

I threw away my values.

Ended a long-term relationship.

Got my life back on track.

Graduated from college.


I would spend so many nights sleeping on couches or in my car. Hell, for the longest time it felt like I still didn’t come back from my trip.

To support myself I would get a warehouse job that required mandatory overtime while attending school full-time.

Eventually I would find out that my girlfriend had been cheating on me throughout my legal battle and European trip. 

The relationship was incredibly abusive to the bitter end.

I was broken and more homeless than ever.

Remember those values I held onto for so long? My integrity? I threw it all away. Life was fucking me in the ass and I didn’t care anymore.

Not only was I emotionally damaged, I was having an existential crisis.

Still wanting to finish college, I decided to do whatever it took. 

That’s when I read posts on Good Looking Loser. Specifically his content on retention.

For a few months I would have sex for roof. 

Thanks to Chris’ advice, I was able to spend most of my nights in a bed instead of my car.

Eventually I found a girl that I actually liked. So I made her my girlfriend and we lived together in her dorms nearby campus.

Finally having a stable situation, I decided to get back on track with my life. 

That was when I discovered Danger & Play and Bold & Determined

It’s thanks to Mike that I was able to get back to the right head space.

Then there was Victor, who provided great fitness content. But he also showed me something greater. 

Live the life you want to live. Share your story and make money being you. Start a blog. 

Suddenly my purpose to help people was reincarnated. I wanted to be like these guys, changing people’s lives for the better, the same way they changed mine.

And I finally found a way to do it. 

And thus, Level Up Stud was born. 

Why did I call it 

Level Up Stud?

Where “Level Up” came from

Growing up I liked playing video games. And I’ve always loved the idea of making life into a game. 

Gain enough Experience Points. Ding!

+ Level-Up  !!!

So that’s how I wanted to format my site. When you level-up you gain skills specifically for a stat. 

In games you usually see stats like: STR, DEF, INT, END, (Strength, Defense, Intelligence, Endurance), etc. 

But here at Level Up Stud, our stats go more like: Physique, Mindset, Social, etc. 

Like I said, I’ve always wanted to treat life like a game. And I base each post as a skill I acquired through experience for that stat. 

Where “Stud” came from

It’s part of my vision. Sticking it into the name of my site solidifies that. Not that I needed to. 

But I also consider the players of life to be Studs. 

If life were a game, the avatars would be called Studs. And we’re all trying to level-up and get more out of life. 

Keep in mind, although this site is my way of giving back to the world. It is also my art and it is still also my blog. 


Final Checkpoint

It’s that final checkpoint before the last boss battle.

The battle where you take action and win the game.

The game is Life. 

Are you going to be fearless and conquer life?

You better.

Because if there’s one thing I want you to know leaving this site it’s this:

Your Life Belongs To You

Make It The Life You Want It To Be

Thanks for reading and again

Welcome to 

Level Up Stud