Why Advice Doesn’t Matter Without Action


Here at Level-Up Stud, we offer plenty of advice for various aspects in life.

+ Physique

+ Social

+ Mindset

+ Relationships

+ Style

+ Money

+ Productivity

+ more

Despite how practical the advice that you receive can be. It all means nothing if you don’t apply any of it.

This is where you have to be honest with yourself:

Are you using my advice to level-up your life?

Or are you just reading for entertainment purposes?

‘Knowing’ the advice that you need but not using it, is advice not worth having.

This site is for those people who are looking to improve their lives and use the words for what they’re worth.

Also, everything I publish is based on my real life experience.

Not any theoretical crap that marketers would never do themselves.

Apply the guidance you read so you can reap the benefits!

You can read all the fitness magazines, relationship books, and business columns you like.

But if you don’t do anything about it, then it doesn’t mean squat.

Just because you studied how to lift weights doesn’t mean you’re automatically gaining muscle.

Simply studying game doesn’t mean you’re instantly getting laid.

Daydreaming about running your own business doesn’t mean you’re actually creating business.

Advice Doesn’t Matter, Only Action – You Have to Put the Work In!

It’s like when you went to high school and learned a bunch of meaningless information. Except now, you’re wasting your time voluntarily.

I suppose we can blame the school system for teaching us to confuse reading with making real life progress.

In other words, don’t mistake feeling productive with being productive.

You want results? GO GET THEM!

If you are using the advice you get, then you are doing exactly the right thing.

If not, then you aren’t committed to improving your life.

There’s nothing wrong with that, we’re all different.

But if you’re ever wanting more out of life just remember that the world ends with you.

The more you work on improving your life, the more you’ll feel like this is your world.

Improve what you can, make peace with what you can’t.

The resources you need will always be here, but you won’t.

Because our time here on this Earth is limited.

But it’s all the time we have.

Will you use that limited time to work on making your world, your life, the way you want it to be?

Or will you be passive and live as if your world always belonged to someone else?

Your world, your life, begins and ends with you

So get the fuck off your ass and make it yours

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