Casual Style Guide for Spring 2017


Welcome to the first Casual Style post on Level-Up Stud. Dedicated to helping you catch up on some casual trends going on this spring. Listed below are examples of trendy clothes for this time of the year. Some of which are linked so you can get them at very inexpensive prices online.

A note: if you purchase any of the following, the Level-Up Stud community may receive a small commission at zero additional expense to you.


Long Shirt

The long shirt trend has been going on for a few months and it’s still going strong. Here’s a shirt that I’ve bought personally –  and I give it five stars. Very simple, comfortable, and looks good.


Even though the shirt is long, it’s nice and fitted across the chest and around the arms.

You can buy this shirt here. These shirts also work best with a nice silver necklace (linked is my personal favorite).


Baseball Tee

Another casual shirt that’s trending is the baseball tee. 3/4th sleeves look best and Henley baseball tees also work. It’s a solid style choice even when it’s not in season. Here’s a picture of me in mine.


When I first got this shirt, it was a bit loose for me. But after a wash it feels nicely fitted across the chest with some squeeze around the arms. You can buy this shirt here.



Another trend going on for casual wear this Spring are geometric shapes. The shirt I got was something I picked up at a store so there’s no link for purchase. It’s the only one of its style with a design I like, but it’s also one size too big for me so I haven’t really worn it.


I personally don’t really like this trend style for shirts. The graphic tees I’ve found for these shirts aren’t very good. Click here for some examples.

There are some shirts that are entirely covered in a geometric design, but I personally think they look like old lady church tops.



Listed below are also some new accessories that are trending as of this Spring. 

The pearly bracelet look is in right now. I’ve opted for the lava rock look with a silver hand. If you have a silver necklace you can pair it nicely with this bracelet.

I highly recommend the black ring, I’ve already received multiple compliments wearing it for the past few weeks.

Both accessories shown above work well with either of the first two shirts shown above.

There is also a naval necklace trend going on this season, but I never wear mine. I find it to be a dud trend like the geometrical shirts. So, they aren’t my personal favorites this time around.



Bomber Jackets


Bomber jackets have been trending for the past few months now and this jacket is one of the best. Courtesy of AA for letting us use his picture. According to him, he’s been getting compliments for his jacket and sense of style. For those interested in the bomber jacket, click here. Going green will match with the spring season.




These sweats are also in right now. AA tells us that they’re very comfy and helps shapes up your butt. Girls are very into that. AA also suggests this if you’re more concerned with having comfort in your wardrobe.


Long Shirt or Bomber Jacket  / Baseball Tee / Black Ring

I know that many people don’t like to invest too much money on their clothing. However, some money is better than none. With you in mind, if you were only able to purchase three pieces, listed above are the top three things I recommend for purchase.


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