Casual Style Guide for Summer 2017


Hey guys, I’m back with a guide to summer casual trending essentials. This post will be updated periodically as the Level-Up community and yours truly upgrade our style with the latest trends. Like before, we would only suggest products that we have tried personally or have seen gained highly praised reviews. For the most part, we wouldn’t recommend any products that we weren’t pleased with ourselves.

A note: if you purchase any of the following, the Level-Up Stud community may receive a small commission at zero additional expense to you.


Here’s the link
The shirt shown is Light Olive. Size as expected.

To start off I’d like to show you guys some quality t-shirts I’ve found online. They’re very comfortable and they have a great fit. There’s also a wide variety of options in size and color.

They’re very inexpensive and I’ve already purchased three shirts in light olive, forest green, and maroon.




Now that the summer heat is here, tank tops are going to be the norm. With Fourth of July coming up it’s a safe bet that flag themes are going to be trending this July.

Although I didn’t get this shirt online, here’s a link to a highly praised tank top online.


summerBand shirts are also in right now. This photo is courtesy of Panda, he has just become a new influencer on social media. I urge you to check out his work on Instagram, he has tons of quality photos.

Here is a link to the Joy Division T-shirt shown in the picture. However, here is a wider selection has suggested for more vintage, quality shirts.

Ombre shirts and shirts with floral designs are also in right now. Here’s a link.

These sunglasses are cheap and quality material

Some accessories worth noting are the polarized sunglasses and aviators for this summer.  Both of which are currently trending this summer.

There is also a seafaring theme that’s been carrying over since last Spring. Check out this fishhook bracelet.

you can get a better look at it here


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