3 Tricks To Effortlessy Make Her Feel Loved

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If you’re like me, you don’t like it when you spend too much time with the girlfriend and feeling unproductive.

She may think you’re ‘emotionally bonding’ when all you’re doing is laying down with her.

But I firmly believe that a woman requires more-or-less 3 hours of your undivided attention a week.

And if you don’t meet her minimum requirement, chances are you’ll be hit by the “I don’t feel loved”.

Ha! Fuck that noise.

Here are three tips on how to effortlessly cultivate your relationship like you’re not even trying.

You can be sincere, you don’t have to be sincere. Whatever your mood is.

But here are 3 easy tips:

Leave a note for her when you leave the house

Just grab a piece of paper and on it write: “I’ll see you later baby, I’ll miss you. And I love you”

Anything that will make her think that you think about her.

Or if you want to beat two birds with one stone – whenever she does something that you like, thank her for doing that on the note.

You always want to show appreciation whenever she does something good for you. For example, she makes your favorite dinner. Later when you leave the house, write down “Thank you for the awesome pasta and steak last night. You’re the best, I’ll see you later”.

Girls love it when you leave them little notes like that. They love believing that you’re always thinking of them. They eat that shit up.

So leave the note. She’ll love it. And hope that she keeps it.

You want her to feel loved every time she glimpses at that note. The same way you tense up when you spot a cop in your rear-view mirror.

Give her a morning bear hug

When it’s time for her to get up in the morning, grab her. Wrap your arms around her and don’t let go.

Pretend that you’re sleeping, don’t move. Pretend that she’s stuck there. She can’t move. She can’t get out of it.

Now as long as she’s not in a rush and she doesn’t feel compelled to hit you, she will love the fact that you don’t want her to leave.

She’ll adore it. 

Effortless? Meh, kinda.

You don’t have to open your eyes at all. Just wrap your arms around her and try to go to sleep. If she tries to get away, you don’t let her. After a minute or two passes, let her leave. Then fall back to sleep.

Message her out of the blue

‘Hey baby, I love you’

‘Hey baby, I’m thinking of you’

Same thing as those post-its, except you’re texting it to her. She’ll like it, so why not do it? Get that half brownie point for making that tiny effort.

And that’s it, end it there. You don’t need to have a conversation. End your message with, ‘I can’t wait to see you later. I wanna finish this thing up right now so I’ll see you soon <3.’

It’s really that simple.

Extra Valentine’s Day Tip

Buy a Valentine’s Day card for her. Now if you can’t think of anything to write in it, then grab a second Valentine’s Day card. Copy the quote that is in the second card and write it into the first one.

Bam! Aren’t you a hopeless romantic?

She’s Feeling The Love Now

The 3 tricks to making her feel loved near effortlessly are:

  1. Leave her love notes when you’re about to leave the house (30 seconds)
  2. Bear hug her in the morning and don’t let go (A minute or two)
  3. Text her out of the blue (15 seconds)

These are some tips to remind her that she’s on your mind and that she feels loved. That’s important. Because if you know women, the biggest reason they ever complain is because they don’t feel loved. All it takes is your attention. So give her the impression that she always has it.

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