What Everyone Is Wearing Fall 2017 & Other Cool Stuff

Are you wondering what’s trending this Fall but have no idea where to start? No worries, I did some of the work for you. This is what’s trending Fall 2017:

What’s Trending Fall 2017

  • The color Brown
  • Fitted Bomber Jackets
  • Denim Jackets
  • Fitted Jeans
  • Beanies
  • Plaid Shirts
  • Flannels
  • Graphic Tees

Here are a couple of outfits that I’m wearing personally this Fall. And so I’m not leaving you hanging, I’ve included links to pieces you might be interested in.

(I will modify, remove, and add products throughout the Fall season)

If you like what I recommend, I suggest you also look at the bottom of the post where I share some of the cool stuff I found and have used personally.

Outfit #1

Merona Heavy Flannel (link) Fall Style 

Chouyatou Vintage Leather Jacket (linkTimeless Style

XXX Rude True Black Skinny Jeans (linkTimeless Style

Stainless Steel Polished Men’s Ring (linkTimeless Style



To clean this outfit up, zip up the ends of the sleeves on the leather jacket. Button up the ends of the flannel sleeves. And wear a solid color crewneck underneath it all.

I’ve received countless compliments on my leather jacket. I also receive regular compliments on my ring when I go out. I also recommend the XXX Rude brand jeans since they make your ass look existent and are good quality. As for the flannel, I bought mine at Tarjay (Target), very durable and keeps you warm.

I suggest experimenting with different color jeans and flannels to make yourself pop. This just happens to be the outfit that I’ve worn for years and a look that simply “fits me”.

Outfit #2 

HEMOON Lightweight Bomber Jacket (linkFall Style

Next Level Fitted Crew T-Shirt (linkTimeless Style

Arrowhead Steel Necklace (linkTimeless Style

XXX Rude Grey Skinny Jeans (linkTimeless Style



This outfit is very simple and stylish, only make sure to get it fitted. I got a size up and although it still looks good, it can look better.

I highly recommend the necklace. I’ve gotten compliments wearing it and it gives girls something to play with when they’re talking to you. The mentioned Crew T-Shirts are simple, comfortable, and great quality – I also have the shirts in burgundy, forest green, and light olive.

Outfit #3

Allegra K Denim Jacket (similarFall Style

Smokey the Bear Vintage Graphic Tee (linkFall Style

Arizona Plaid Shirt (linkFall Style

XXX Rude Navy Skinny Jeans (linkTimeless Style



I do not recommend this jacket, buttons have fallen off (poor quality);will be replaced.

There are also other denim jackets you can experiment with to see what works for you.

I do recommend the Smokey the Bear Tee. It’s received attention and compliments every day I’ve worn it. I also suggest experimenting with different plaid shirts to try on with the denim-on-denim style.

More Stylish Shirts

Baseball Tee (link w/ more colors)
– Timeless Style (Recommend)
– Trending this Fall
– Get one size up if you like it a bit loose (shrinks first wash)
Vintage Smokey Tee (link)         
– Vintage is Trending this Fall 
– Grabs attention
– Comedic Conversation Starter
– Fitted, so get one size up if you like it more loose

Other Cool Stuff You Should Check Out

Adidas Sackpack (linkFall Style & Timeless

Converse Hightops (similarTimeless Style

Heel Insert Height Lifts (linkGet Taller



The adidas sackpack is absolute quality. I take it to the gym, when I go hiking, and when I hit the road. It’s lightweight and durable. A must-buy for casual carrying. Adidas is also trending this Fall.

Although you can’t tell from the pictures, I’m always wearing my converse high tops in any casual outing. It’s a classic, clean look and best of all – it’s very comfortable when I wear my lifts. It also looks good with any casual outfit.

Black Flask (link)

Johnny B Hair Product (link)




If you’re looking to save money on drinks when you go out, get yourself a flask and fill it with vodka. I personally keep it in my leather jacket’s hidden inner pocket.

I also recommend Johnny B hair product if you have thick hair like I do. It holds up very well and doesn’t leave a flakey look. Another hair product I would recommend is AXE Hair paste (it’s undeniably one of the best cheap hair products for anyone.)

Check out Flawless Fitness Grips. It has multiple settings to help enhance your grip strength. I’ve been using it almost every day since I’ve got it and now I use it seemlessly on the hardest setting. 

A strong grip makes it easier to hold heavier weight. I’ve noticed an improvement with my overhand positioning with deadlifts and longer holds for HIT curls, among other exercises. It’s also helped balance out my forearms.


If you recommend any products, please leave a link to them in the comments section below.

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