How Men Are Marginalized & No One Is Listening

men are marginalized
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To start off, I want to say that neither sex is better than the other. Let’s all grow the fuck up. When it comes to inherent awesomeness between sexes we are different, yet equal. Both sexes have their benefits and their drawbacks. But I’ve always believed that men are marginalized in ways that mainstream media has deliberately neglected.

It sucks being told that men have all of the power, and then not be allowed to voice ourselves and talk about the problems we face in society. Instead, we are immediately shamed and shut down.

There is no room for shame and guilt in anyone’s life. But even I’ve been shamed for expressing my views while still showing respect to those who disagree with my opinions.

As I said, men are marginalized more than you’d think, but no one is listening.

And just as there are people shaming both sides to not give into the traditional agenda, there are also those who were pressured into their traditional roles in the first place.

Not all women want to be stay at home moms, but they may have lacked options or they were pressured into it.

Or maybe a man aspired to do something else rather than give his life away to a corporation, but he gave it up because he was expected to do so.

Are we doing things because we want to, or because we’re expected of it?

Are we all being listened to, or are we being shut out from the possibility of voicing ourselves?

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I’m not here to shit on anyone’s sex. Everyone is going to have their struggles, and some of those struggles are going to be associated with your sex.

But the struggles between both men and women are almost incomparable. There’s no way to quantify and match these issues – especially if one side isn’t being heard.

That’s why I invite you to watch The Red Pill, it’s a damn good film that brings awareness to those who are unheard.

Don’t feel that you have to reject this movie right away if you’re a feminist. Feminists are part of the movie too and they help bring the film’s theme in full circle.

You can catch the documentary here.

About 42 minutes in you’ll hear the one of the most treacherous stories I’ve ever heard and damn it, it breaks your heart.

To love, you must be able to accept. But you can’t accept if you can’t respect.

We have all heard one side of the story – and the ability to listen reflects our ability to respect. But shouldn’t these people be willing to listen to the other side as well?

Don’t be afraid of hearing an opinion outside of your own.

Because it’s unfair to demand compassion, but never be willing to give it.

It’s an injustice to be shamed and guilted into keeping your mouth shut. Then told that you’re wrong when you haven’t even been able to make your stand.

Anger is the appropriate response to injustice, but the lack of fighting for what you believe in shows that you’re beaten down or you wrongfully respect those who shun you.

So this post is an effort to bring more awareness to the struggle of man in today’s society.

And if you doubt that men are marginalized and face oppression as well, then this documentary will definitely be an eye-opener for you.


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