5 Nootropics Everyone Should Try

Nootropics Everyone Should Try

Nootropics, or smart drugs, are some of the greatest things you can take to give you an edge in any aspect in life you are trying to improve. I suggest everyone try out nootropics and find what works for them. 

Here Are The Nootropics Everyone Should Try


Kratom is a great nootropic to start with. I will tell you the three types of kratom and what they do specifically. How to take kratom. Then I will explain the pros and cons of kratom. And finally I will show you the best website to order kratom from.

There are three types of Kratom:

Fast Strains – increases energy and promotes social behavior

Moderate Strains – a mix of both fast and slow strains

Slow Strains – decreases anxiety and relieves pain

In general, kratom increases your sense of wellbeing and enhances your mood. It makes life enjoyable while promoting your productivity and sociability. 

How To Take Kratom: 

Take a teaspoon (about 4 grams) of kratom on an empty stomach. Stick the spoonful in your mouth. Breathe through your nose. Grab water/juice and pour it in your mouth. Then use the fluid to swish the kratom around before you swallow it.

Depending when you ate your last meal, you should feel it in more or less 45 minutes.


Promotes sociability. Kratom puts you in an easy going mood and makes life feel more enjoyable. This makes socializing much easier since you are less likely to have anxiety.

Increases productivity. Taking kratom helps you feel good about doing the task at hand. In particular, you will find yourself feeling good and enjoying yourself while performing physical labor. However, kratom doesn’t really help with work that requires analytical thinking.

Decreases appetite. This makes kratom a very effective dietary supplement because it helps suppress your hunger. This makes it a great tool for losing weight.

Relieves depression. As a mood enhancer and anti-anxiety supplement, kratom is very beneficial with aiding short-term depression. For those who may experience spouts of depression that typically last under a week, kratom can improve your sense of wellbeing almost immediately. This is not medical advice but personal opinion based on experience – if you suffer severe depression seek professional advice.


  • High price per dose
  • You need to cycle strains to avoid tolerance
  • There’s a learning curve for each individual person

The Best Kratom Vendor

The only kratom I’ve ever gotten was from the vendor Happy Hippo Herbals. After trying out Happy Hippo, I’ve never bothered looking for another vendor. I have no affiliation with them. But I highly recommend their quality Kratom.

Also, it’s worth joining their mailing list – they offer incredible deals nearly every week.


Piracetam is a racetam smart drug that helps increase your cognitive function. In my personal experience, it improves your mood slightly and it makes it far easier to take in information. Specifically, it makes you interested in what people are saying.

I go into more detail about Piracetam in my post Phenibut & Piracetam: The Charisma Combo here

Piracetam is fairly cheap, but it requires fairly big doses. The worst side effect I’ve ever experienced is a headache – but that only happens when you take too much. Long-term use of piracetam has no long-term side effects.

Sadly, my trusted vendor no longer sells piracetam, so I can’t direct you to a trusted vendor. If you find a good vendor that sells quality piracetam, leave a link in the comments.


This nootropic is a personal favorite. 

I go into more detail about Phenibut in my post Phenibut & Piracetam: The Charisma Combo here

What I do warn you however, is that your tolerance will go up quick. I initially started by taking 0.5 grams, but now I need to take at least 3 grams to feel it. The good news is that it lasts nearly all day.

I’ve bought phenibut from different vendors but the only one I recommend is Happy Hippo. Again, their products are top quality (no affiliation).

It’s definitely worth the purchase since a bag of their product will last you several months.


L-Theanine is a mild nootropic that’s sitting on your local drugstore’s shelves right next to the children’s multivitamins and fish oils.

What L-Theanine does is help relax you and eases stress. I would argue that it relaxes your body more than it eases any mental stress. You only need to take 250mg to really feel the effects.

Take it with coffee to enhance focus without any jittery, restless effects. You also don’t have to worry about overdosing on L-Theanine. For the most part, your body will dump any excess so you won’t experience any negative effects.


In other words, coffee. This is the most widely accepted nootropic there is. It’s a great substitute for a pre-workout supplement. It keeps you alert and focused so long as you don’t take too much. Taking too much results in increase heart rate, increased stress, jitters, and inability to sleep.

For the most part, caffeine is the number one ingredient for mixing with other nootropics. I find that it improves and amplifies the effects of all of the mentioned nootropics, save for Kratom.

If you believe there are more nootropics that people should try out – leave a suggestion in the comment section below.


  1. Hey Rich! I’ve stacked Kratom with Phenibut and it’s amazing! One has to be very careful because Phenibut I believe is a Nootropic that needs to be taken care seriously. Usually when I am taking Kratom (usually a blend of Green and Red Maeng Da), I will take a solid gram or so with it and I’m good for almost 8 hours. I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but I thought I’d let you know. Would love to know your thoughts on that!

    • Thanks for commenting Bridget!

      I was just writing about withdrawal and dependency for phenibut. As you are right, it is to be taken very seriously. And it’s been a while since I’ve taken kratom. But I’ll have to try it out again in the near future.

      Thank you Bridget, for your recommendation of Green & Red Maeng Da with Phenibut. Other readers will be pleased to know this stacks.

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