Why People Don’t Change Unless They Crash

people don't change

People don’t change and people do change. But only at a certain level. Specifically, a change in character or perspective. However, you won’t deviate too far from the baseline.

Nonetheless, you never truly change unless you crash. An absolute downfall that leaves you desperate and hurt.

A moment where you put your foot down, curb stomp the moment, and say: Fuck this shit!

Because, it is at our lowest moments that we are most subject to change.

You may have always wanted to make the change, but that was all talk. It isn’t until you fall out of balance, well out of your comfort zone that you actually MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

Embrace these parts of your life. These are your growing points.

Specifically, the end of old chapters. And the beginning of new chapters.

When you look back at these old chapters you can say with conviction “That was a lifetime ago”. Because you’ve grown so much. I guess you can say the old you ‘died’.

Many of us have these incredible turning points in our lives. And what’s funny is that every time you go through a downfall, you come out with a new outlook on life. More perspective. New ideas.

Your bones are stronger than before

You’ve been brought back as someone built on top of who you used to be.


Because what you’re also doing, is learning who YOU are. And what you’re really made of.

Your world will change. Your life will change. And you will be born anew.

So don’t try to change anyone who doesn’t want to change. Comfort is their friendly enemyEither they want to change out of their own free will, or they will need to change.

Don’t worry about them. This is your story. Worry about you. Be proud that you’ve endured the twisted, beautiful parts of your life. Laugh at the silliness in the world that you experienced a lifetime ago.

Embrace the downfall

Because you will rise again and you will rise above.

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