3 Sex Essentials: Choke Her, Squeeze Her & Please Her


Women are tired of having the same ol’ vanilla sex that so many guys have to offer.

A quick round of missionary. No noise other than the slaps of skin-on-skin action.

Boom, done.

Nah. Where’s the danger? Where are the sounds of carnal pleasure? And where’s the raw sexuality that women crave?

That’s why I have three awesome tips to spice up your sex life and raise your sex game baseline from ‘vanilla’ to ‘fuck me more please’.

Choke the Bitch

Some guys are too afraid to choke their girls. These guys are typically nice guys.

And a nice guy likes to make sure she finishes first.

Listen up! Reframe the situation.

If you’re such a nice guy and you’re afraid to choke her – she can’t finish.

A girl will only finish if you choke her. Make that your new automatic assumption.

So every time you’ve asked her if she’s finished and she said yes. If you didn’t choke her during sex then she lied to you.

So you better choke her during sex or else she isn’t gonna finish.

Hell, now you’re a bigger asshole if you don’t choke her.

This is how you choke her:

Remember how your parents would squeeze your face cheeks when you were a kid?

Their thumb would go on one cheek, their index finger would go on the other cheek. Then they’d squeeze your face.

You’re gonna do the exact same thing.

Except you’re gonna do it to her throat.

Just by having your hand on her throat will make her vagina tingle.

You will lay your fingers across the two prominent veins on her neck.

Then press down with the space between your thumb and index finger, that slightly webby part of your hand.

You’ll eventually know what she likes and what you’re comfortable with.

But I guarantee you that just about every girl likes to be choked. So don’t be afraid to test your limits.

Talk Dirty & Make Some Noise

She loves it when you make noise.

It gets her off even more than being choked. So call her your slut.

If you’re not comfortable with doing that, it’s okay. I still find it awkward for whatever reason too.

But put it this way: girls are not angels.

They think nasty, sexy thoughts just like us.

As men, we can talk freely about the sick and sexy things we’d do to a chick and it’s considered normal.

Women on the other hand, can’t freely express their freakier side.

We know that if a girl expresses interest like that out in public, people will judge her pretty hard.

That being said, they do like all of that nasty talk.

Because it makes them feel like sexual beings – which they are.

By talking dirty to them you are validating their sexuality. And that validation helps with their spirituality.

Warning: when you start talking dirty, sex doesn’t go back to normal.

Talking dirty becomes that new higher standard that makes sex better all the time.

I’ve had girls finish, squirt, and drip on me by talking dirty to them and by choking them during sex.

Note: Make noise when you finish. She likes to confirmation of receiving your cummies.

Bring Sex Toys in the Room

My only real recommendation to get you started would be handcuffs.

Handcuffs are your basic staple and gateway toy.

With handcuffs on, she’s ‘defenseless’.

And I personally really like this kind of stuff because it leaves her completely vulnerable.

It’s an absolute certainty that all of this is for me. So I freely dig right in.

She’ll probably finish too since it’s that much more stimulating.

But if she doesn’t it’s okay because she’s handcuffed.

She knows that none of it is for her, all of it is for you.

Now Your Sex Game Is Officially Better Than Most

The Tips to Having Better Than Average Sex are simple:

  1. Choke her
  2. Talk Dirty & Make Noise
  3. Bring Toys in the Bedroom

You’re no longer a boring guy to sleep with and having sex with you is a lot more fun.

Now it’s time to get your dick wet

And Remember:


Choke The Bitch


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