She Says I Don’t Get Excited About Anything

don't get excited about anything
You aren’t enthusiastic about anything. You don’t get excited about anything. You don’t get hype or excited

If you hear this from your woman from time to time, then there are one of two things going on:

One, she is trying to make you believe that something is wrong with you. Unacceptable. There is nothing wrong with you.

Her efforts to make you believe something is wrong with you will eventually morph into mental cruelty. She can be complaining to eventually get you to end things with her. Feel free to dump her and move on to the next girl.

Second, you’re not a very excitable guy. In general, you give off a more calm, serious, or mature vibe. Again, there’s nothing wrong with you. When she says this it’s because she wishes you were more passionate about life. Annoying, right?

Now the only reason she would give you this complaint on a regular basis is because you really aren’t that excitable. It’s cool. Neither am I. I’m going to tell you how to get around that.

What to do:

Think of a date you wouldn’t mind going on with your woman. For example, there’s a Mongolian restaurant you wouldn’t mind eating at or a movie you’re fairly interested in that just released in theaters. Whatever it is, make sure it’s not what you typically do in a given week and it’s out of the house. 

For this example, I will use A Superhero Movie, since that’s been trending for several years now.

  1. Go up to your women
  2. “Hey baby, A Superhero Movie just came out. I want to see it. Let’s go see it later”
  3. Plan out the date
  4. Go on the date and lead the way

You don’t have to actually care whether or not you go see the movie, or chosen activity, but what you’re doing is pointing out something you want to do. Passion is a spontaneous emotion that drives action. At least that’s what women like to see.

If you’re like me then you’re pretty desire-less and this drives her crazy. But it’s who you are. This solution gives her the illusion that you can be enthusiastic. Plan a date, lead the way.

Here’s why it works:

By pointing at something you ‘want’ and leading the way, you’re giving the impression that you’re enthusiastic for something. She assumes you’re only gonna want to do what you have a passion for, what excites you. So, she’ll believe that you have enthusiasm for the date activity.

You also kill two birds with one stone because you’re leading the way. Brownie points for you because women love that.

In Short: Tell her that you’re taking her to watch a movie that you’ve decided for the both of you. Even if you don’t care for movies. She’ll assume you’re enthusiastic about it. Go do it. Lead. Talk about it afterwards on the drive home. Done.

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