How to Start a Hustle & Make Extra Money

start a hustle

‘What if I don’t have any service or product to offer to make some extra cash?’

Well chances are that you do, but you aren’t looking hard enough.

How do I Get the Skills to Start a Hustle?

Well what have you been paid to do?

Whatever you’ve been paid to do before in your life, is something other people are willing to pay you for if you look around enough.

If you’ve been paid to clean your room or mow the lawn, those are two skills that make money right there.

Find people who are looking for someone who can do those things for them. Start with friends and family and go from there.

Or, take a huge step back and look at where you spend most of your time. Chances are you can make money off it.

In college, I realized, hey – I spend a lot of my time here and I hate taking these notes for free. So, I started ‘Education Consulting’ to make some money on the side.

While in college I even picked up a job working for a tax service company and the “skill” I picked up was profitable. Since then I have a Tax Consulting side-hustle every tax season.

Those were my two favorite hustles back in college. I was making part-time job cash while working less than half of part-time hours.

I also did some other stuff that you can do too:

If you can drive, then find someone who doesn’t have a car.

If you know how to do an oil change, then find a damsel in distress who needs one.

Simply look at other people’s self-interest and what they seem to be missing.

How do I Maintain a Hustle?

If your work has to do with having reoccurring clients, then keep them coming back. Specifically, the higher paying ones.

Five high-paying clients beats ten low-paying clients.

If your work deals with customers rather than clients, then you would rely more on word of mouth. Make up some sort of promotion or deal.

Both however require you to market your own work to people. You may have to go out of your own way for this.

The more you market your work and gain demand, the less of a hustler you are and more of a businessman. If you like what you’ve got going for you, then keep at it.

I haven’t made a business out of my most successful side-hustles because they are either ‘seasonal’ or there are already much more bigger entities that carry the service.

So, I won’t give advice beyond a bit of hustling.

Final Checkpoint

Look at things you’ve been paid to do before, and find people who will pay you for that same service. If you’re having trouble coming up with a skill that you have, look at what you do for most of your days – if other people are doing it too, chances are there are people who’d pay you to do it for them.

Here are some small suggestions:

  • Give yourself a title with the word ‘Consultant’.
  • Use transaction apps. I would use Messenger or Cash.
  • Find a hustle with year-round potential.

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