Why You Shouldn’t Assume You’ll Both Play Fair & How to Get Over It

women logic

Stereotypically speaking, women don’t have a firm moral compass of right and wrong. Instead what tends to guide their actions is whether or not something ‘feels’ right or wrong. Otherwise known as ‘women logic’.

“I have the option of dating other people but I’m married and we’re trying to have a baby. So, it just wouldn’t feel right.”

She’s not going to date other people behind her husband’s back because it “wouldn’t feel right”. Not because it isn’t right or just flat out wrong. Only because she ‘feels’ that it’s not right.

Say she felt that it did feel right to do so. If she’s confronted I’m sure a majority would believe that she would lie to her husband’s face because it wouldn’t ‘feel’ right to tell him the truth.

Lying is completely selfish, she’s being deceptive to save her own skin. But in her mind, she’s being kind by not telling him the truth.

This far in, men who have firmer, far less wavering beliefs of right and wrong could easily point out that she had done wrong by (1) pursuing a relationship behind her husband’s back and (2) lying to him about her seeing someone else.

If a man used women logic:

If I’m in a relationship and meet a new woman. By man logic it wouldn’t be right for me to sleep with her because I’m in a relationship, therefore it’s immoral, despite wanting to sleep with her.  But if as a man, I follow women logic, it would ‘feel’ right to sleep with this new woman. By women logic, since it ‘feels’ right, then there must be nothing wrong with it.

When she confronts me about it I can lie to her because I ‘feel’ like lying to her about it is the right thing to do. Since I feel it’s the right thing to do, then it is, per women logic.

When she shows evidence, I can respond: I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, I still love you, but I also felt like it was right to fuck another woman.

How does she argue this?

Does she handle it with man logic? Doubtful. And if she did then you know that she has a handle on what is firmly wrong and right.
But does she care? How disrespectful would it be for her to attack you with man logic after she had already wronged you with women logic in numerous occasions.

My point is, do whatever it is that you want to do.

Allow yourself the freedom to do wrong, because sometimes being good sucks. Free yourself from your own shackles.

Do right because you want to, not out of any obligated feeling that you have to. Not doing so is letting most of the population do you wrong with no repercussion. Don’t take any of it personally.

Realize that nobody is perfect. Understand that at some point, everyone will let you down. Just move forward. Make peace with what you can’t change. Because if you can’t, you’ll end up having an unhealthy image of any demographic that let you down.

Life is too short to have narrow-minded thoughts like the passage above.

Think bigger.

We are all human. You’re allowed to mess up too. For every person who does you wrong, there’s another person who will stand by your side.

Make peace with yourself, move forward. Forgive yourself. Learn from your experiences, but don’t get stuck in yesterday’s battle. Stop fighting the battle you fought last week, or last year, or even a decade ago.

Every person is a new possibility and you will never know what lies ahead.

With more life experience, you will discover more of your own life’s truths. But always be open to expanding on those truths. Be hardened. Don’t be naive. Use what you’ve already learned.

But don’t impose limits on your own reality. Have a surplus mindset.

What I want is out there. Opportunity is always around the corner. There will always be more.

Make sure to change your approach though, we all know that cliché definition of insanity.

Build a strong, healthy perspective and you’ll make your peace.

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