Stop Blaming The Sickness & Cut The Bullshit

the sickness

You offer your friend some water and he says, “No thanks, I’m sick. I’m not trying to get anyone else sick too.” In response, you nod your head and continue on.

You know that your friend is aware of his sickness because he told you he was sick. And then he made his decision to not take a drink.

He’s both aware of his sickness and his ability to make a choice.

But many are only too happy to admit the sickness. Never the ability to make a choice.

The Sickness Is All Around US.

Let’s move onto more obscure examples of the sickness:

A Mexican who doesn’t know Spanish will claim, “I didn’t learn because my parents never taught me”.

But that’s not the truth. You’re blaming ‘the sickness’. Your sickness is that they never taught you. The truth is that ultimately you decided not the learn.

Here’s an example on a relationship level:

“I got caught in the moment and one thing led to another and we had sex,” The moment is the ‘sickness’. Although you blame the sickness, the truth is that you deliberately cheated.

Here’s an example on a societal level:

“I didn’t get that job that I wasn’t qualified for, it’s all the patriarchy’s fault” The patriarchy is the ‘sickness’. Although the truth is you may just be less qualified than the man/woman who does get the job.

What’s the Cure?

Stop pretending that you’re sick you fucking psycho! It’s obvious that you’re not. And if you really want to claim that you are: Great! You’ve just admitted that you’re mentally sick in the head. And you’re not wrong!

You’re infected with the need to constantly make excuses. You like to believe that you have no control of what’s happening to you in your life. But guess what? That’s the world’s greatest lie!

There are people who blame the sickness. And then there are people who are allergic to their bullshit.

Because the sickness is bullshit.

Have you ever noticed that bullshitters tend to be the easily offended? It’s because you’ve uncovered their ruse and deep down they are in denial. They bullshit themselves into believing that they have no power, that they have no choice.

You’ve always had a choice. And you chose to blame the sickness. But newsflash! The sickness doesn’t exist! You only think it exists because you have a shortage mindset and rely on victimhood.

No more!

Grab your nuts and take some responsibility for your life. Or be a bitch to a make-believe illness.

Which is it?

Are you going to blame the sickness and be a fucking loser?

the sickness

Or are you going to take control of your situation and rise above?

It’s your call

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  1. Love how honest and blunt your style of writing is. Really hits you the way you’ve intended it too. And I couldn’t agree more, self pity will get us no where. It’s all about doing what you know you got to do, without the drama and excuses.

    Keep it coming Richard 🙂

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