Here Is The Secret to Loving Yourself (Book Review)

loving yourself

In this post lies the secret to loving yourself. 

Too many people are concerned about what other people think of them, they forget that there should only be one person’s opinion that really matters. 

Your own opinion of yourself.

Everyone feels lonely from time to time, but there are also times when a person questions if they can be loved.

I myself have fallen to hard times and I used to think too much about it. 

The people who were telling me that they loved me were also shaming me, guilt-tripping me, humiliating me, and trying to get me arrested.

When I finally broke off these toxic relationships I thought differently about how love works. 

I hit a low-point where I questioned love entirely. I was stuck between two thoughts:

Either the world is lying to itself about love truly existing or I’m unlovable. 

Dramatic, right?

We’re all allowed to have rough times. It’s what builds our character and beliefs. 

Right now, I have my own beliefs about love and you will have your own thoughts on it too.

But for those of you stuck in a rut about love – worrying if anyone loves you or if it even exists. Then keep reading.

The Truth Is

You will never know how another person really feels about you. 

Other people will never know how you really feel about them. 

Words can mean nothing.

If you want to feel loved. To feel like you matter. You only need one person to do that.

You only need one single person to love you.

And that’s you.

When’s the last time you said to yourself ‘I love myself’. When’s the last time you ever thought it?

Does it sound silly? 


But that’s a limitation you set upon yourself. 

If you feel silly looking in the mirror and saying ‘I love myself’ aloud or even thinking it, then you probably haven’t ever taken the time to love yourself.

You’re the only person you can be sure who loves you.

And you’re the only person you need to love you.

The Secret

When I was going through one of the gut-wrenching times in my life I came across this book.

I highly recommend this book because it got me through one of my toughest times. 

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant is one of those books that can make your life a whole lot easier.

The secret is in the title.

If you feel lost, alone, or unloved, this book will change all of that. 

The book is inexpensive and it’s one that will bring you a lot of inner peace.

The author shares his story and how tragic events in his life left him feeling out of place in the world. 

It’s a great book, worth more than its price. 

But I don’t want to give away too much of his message.

His message is easy to take to heart. Before reading his book, I used to walk around with an air of sad loneliness. 

I’d look at other people and think to myself that they just don’t know how hard things can get.

I’ll link to some of my posts to let you have glimpses of my personal life. I want you to know I’ve had times of vulnerability. 

But this book gave me the practical advice I needed to make the change.

Yes, it has practical advice. More than what you see on this article.

Within days of reading this book, my outlook on the world grew more peaceful and optimistic. 

And I very strongly recommend this book to someone who has fallen to hard times.

It’s a purchase you won’t regret.

Because although the secret, the solution, is in the title. You will be able to prove to yourself that you can be loved, with absolute certainty, by the time you finish this book.

Love yourself like your life depends on it.

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