Have A No Shortage Mindset

no shortage

Occasionally I get uncomfortable wondering if I’m about to run out of ideas. For a brief moment, I believe that there’s a shortage of ideas. But there is no shortage. That’s a bad mindset. You want to have a big mindset, that surplus mindset, an open mindset. You don’t have to limit yourself to a narrow mindset. Think of it like this:

Opportunity is always around the corner. Always. You just have to walk over to the corner, turn your head, and there it is. It’s always there.

There will always be opportunity.

You’re afraid that you can’t get a job? Naw, there are jobs. You can get a job.

You got dumped by your girlfriend. Naw, don’t worry about it. There’s always another girl.

You want friends? Don’t worry, there are always people that are willing to be your friend.

There’s always opportunity because opportunity is always going to be there.

They might as well change the definition of opportunity to:

‘a chance to achieve what you want that’s always there, you just have to look for it.’

That’s the way you want to think of it.

I read a study that stated that human beings have thousands of ideas every day. Thousands of ideas a day. So just like that – there’s no shortage of ideas. No shortage at all.

Now what there is a shortage on is discipline, willpower, and taking action. That’s where the shortage is. You have to exercise your self-discipline a bit and you’ve got to do something.

This post for example started out as a potential podcast. I’ve been thinking of starting a podcast to post alongside my blog. I just let myself speak what came to mind and hidden thoughts and ideas poured out. Albeit awkwardly.

If I didn’t simply do something and  speak into my recorder, I would just be laying on my bed thinking ‘What the hell am I gonna think of?’.

You can’t just think about how to start. Just act. You will never know how to start or believe in the possibilities until you act and do something. If all I did was sit there and think, I’d get nowhere.

In other words, I’d be forcing it. And It’s kinda dumb to force it. Because most of the time it just comes to you.

What happens to me most is that I’m out and about doing my own thing. Out of nowhere I get an idea. I stop what I’m doing and I email it myself. Later on I’ll put it on my WordPress and usually it’s already just about finished.

It has the message I want to send and I can already send it.

Can I go more into depth with it? Sure, if I wanted to. But! In the moment – I stop everything in the world just so I can write down my idea. And sometimes I feel like that’s all I need.

There’s no shortage. That’s such a bad way of thinking of things.

There will always be money, there will always be women, there will always be opportunity. And are you going to be scared sometimes? Yes! Yes! Be scared, it’s fine. Be afraid! Use that to motivate yourself to do better.

Fear is suffering. Suffering is living. You need to live to get the life you desire. That’s a better way of looking at it.

I remember reading somewhere that the only things that motivate us is fear and sex. If that’s what motivates us, good.

Fear is a very broad term. If we have low self-esteem, that’s fear that we’re not good enough. Why would we not use that to motivate us to become better?

Expand your horizons. Your world is going to end with you. So, don’t think that there’s a shortage of any kind. Think of ideas. We have thousands a day. Let’s try some of them out.

If you feel like you’re not getting ideas, it’s probably because your mind is tired. It’s probably pooped from producing ideas. It’s time to consume some ideas instead. Go outside and move your body to give your mind some elbow room. Focus less on your mind and thoughts. Focus more on life.

There’s no shortage of anything. It’ll just come. With thousands of opportunities a day. You’re gonna land something good.

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