3 Short Thoughts On Attitude, Goals, & Being “Alpha”


Have an Attitude

Having an attitude means you think you’re right about something!

Write it down!

You might be right! An authority!

Or you might be absolutely wrong!

You might actually be more enlightened than the rest of us.

You might see something that other people don’t see.

Or maybe you’re just a jerk.

Maybe you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Then maybe you just need a damn attitude adjustment.


A Thought on Alpha and Beta

So generally what I know about Alpha and Beta is that Alpha is more physical. Alpha has more presence. Alpha this, Alpha that. People have defined what Alpha is.

Beta is generally what makes you a good boy in society. Being passive. Having a stable job. Being secure and safe. Put simply, a follower.

But has anyone noticed that people are actually following the ‘rules’ to be Alpha? Believing others on what it means to be Alpha and following what they say. Isn’t the media also shaping this? Or internet marketers?

It makes you think that those people who believe they are Alpha are actually pretty Beta.

Besides, isn’t it stupid to use titles like that? Seems childish. There’s Alpha and.. well Alpha created Beta too, since no one advocates for Beta unless they advocate the balance of both.

My thought is, you can’t really be ‘Alpha’ if your following someone else’s definition of Alpha. Because then you’re following someone else and that’s Beta.

But it’s kinda genius too.

Because someone made himself the Alpha, made some imaginary Alpha ‘rules’, and the rest of the world has become his Beta.

What if a woman made this concept? That’d be hilarious.

Just a thought.


Don’t Give Up On Your Goals

Right now you’re working to accomplish this goal for you.

But in the future you will realize that goals you set forth for yourself and accomplished are the reason people will look up to you.

You will guide them and show them the way.

It’s how you become a leader and give real advice to people on what they need to do.

But before you can lead other people.

You must learn how to lead yourself.

So keep it up.

For yourself and for the future people you will lead.

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