How Trophies & Social Media Hurts Millennials


So I’ve read on other sites that millennials are the luckiest generation because we’ve grown up in the digital age where a wealth of knowledge can be accessed right under our fingertips. I’ve also read that my generation is the weakest, yet feels the most entitled.

The supposed reason behind our entitlement is because we are the generation who receives trophies simply by participating.

We don’t earn trophies, we’ve grown to expect them.

Now with social media in the mix, everyone is getting ideas of how their life is supposed to be.

Women, in particular, spend the most time on their phones.

Chances are, if she’s under 30 years old and she has a phone, then one of her biggest concerns is if she has a power outlet close enough to her bed so that she can charge her phone right under her pillow when she sleeps.

And if you’ve read my post How Media Impacts Her Relationship Expectations, then you know how much this has fueled her expectations. She sees all of those romantic posts and believes that’s what she must have too, because social media tells her so.

But men are typically less social than women. And competition has been trivialized by meaningless trophies.

Where does this leave us?

Unlike women, men have failed to evolve into this new world. Women have been getting equality, so their agenda has changed since the 1960’s. They are given direction to aspire to be more than just a housewife.

Social media tells them that they can have it all: a happy marriage, incredible relationships with their friends and family, and a killer paycheck – all at the same time.

Those are some incredibly high expectations. It’s as if social media has become the new Beyonce, when it comes to feeling empowered.

Some men, on the other hand, are still marrying at a young age because without direction, they’ve decided to follow her lead. Believing that they’re meant to have a family and give their life away to the wife and kids. But what about themselves?

It just goes to show that we need to update our agenda and adapt as well.

The entire dynamic has changed thanks to this digital age and the rise of equality.

You can’t stop progress.

But it appears to me that men have yet to find their place in this new world.

We lack direction that older generations supposedly had before.

So what is the new direction for men?

Are things going to evolve? Are roles going to be switched? Will rights ever be fully equal?  Will marriage become obsolete? Who knows?

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