How To Turn Something into Nothing & Nothing into Something


If you’ve been able to brush off a simple social mistake that everybody notices, as if it’s no big deal, you’ve turned something into nothing. If you’re able to get excited over something that means nothing to you, you’ve turned nothing into something.

How to Make Something into Nothing

For example, I can’t tell you have often I drop my stuff on the floor or take obvious missteps in public. In my mind, none of this means anything aside from the extra effort of correcting what went wrong. But stupid people LOVE to bring attention to meaningless things. I admit that I do it too but only when I’m playfully teasing a girl. Otherwise, I don’t find anything amusing about it.

If you’re like me, you can make a mistake that any person may typically feel embarrassed about. And you’re allowed to feel embarrassed about it. But a glimpse of being self-conscious is the most you should invest in these types of situations.

Pretend you didn’t mess up. In fact, almost exaggerate the fact that you messed up. If you spill a drink on the table, get up, grab a paper towel and wipe it down. Don’t rush. Let people see and let them soak in how little meaning it has. It’s no big deal.

I had a friend who would always laugh his ass off whenever someone tripped slightly. At first I thought he was just very observant but very quickly it felt like being around an idiot every time he would bring up such a common mistake.

The point is, if you make a mistake, just own it. Slow your roll down from a 1.0 speed to a 0.8 and handle it. Block everyone else out. This is your world. You’re allowed to make little mistakes like that. Feel nothing about it. People will likely not pay any attention because you turned it into nothing. People may have witnessed ‘something’, but you have the power to turn it into nothing.

If people still acknowledge it and try to bring it attention as if you’re some sort of loser, then you know who the real loser is. Clearly that person has nothing better going on in their life. Only a loser would make a big deal out of nothing – by trying to put you out as one, they’ve let themselves become known. They’re the losers.

How to Make Nothing into Something

If you’re like me then people, specifically loved ones, may tell you things like ‘you’re never excited’ or ‘you don’t get enthusiastic for anything’.

They aren’t wrong. I become content or pleased. I’m not one to get hype.

Maybe it’s because I’ve hardened over the years. Or the people who tell me these things follow their emotions too closely like the idiots who make nothing into something mentioned above. But then, you could also believe what I choose to believe – the world isn’t ready for someone like me.

I’m far more favorable for the truth than how it makes people feel. I’m a selfish guy and I’m a bad person. I understand and I know it. There are very little people in the world who think this way about themselves.

I’m sure even soldiers who’ve raped women when they were out on the field think they are still good people. They’re not. They just stopped caring about they’re misdeed and/or crimes.

Indifference to good is what bad and evil is.

People think that because they FEEL otherwise, that makes them good. Despite the truth of what they did.

Even if you feel nothing genuinely admitting that you are bad, you are much farther in being a genuine human being than most.

But then you’d be more like me. I choose to believe the world right now isn’t ready for someone like me. Which is stupid because I’m putting myself on the high horse – whatever, I don’t care. We all can choose to believe what we want.

Since you have a mindset like me, you’re gonna have to learn to make nothing into something. This means that when someone comes to you with any information that they find interesting, or anything that they want to bring to your attention that you don’t really care for or feel excited about – you’re gonna fake enthusiasm.

Is it genuine? No.

But are most people capable or deserving of what’s genuine? No, for the most part.

“No way!”, “Are you serious!?”, “What!? Tell me what happened!”

Those are gonna be your new phrases if you’re naturally un-excitable.

People can argue that you shouldn’t fake enthusiasm. It’s too bad many people can’t handle genuine responses.

This advice is only meant to cultivate your relationships. Sure, you can call it being fake – but more people can’t handle you being real anyway.

Final Checkpoint

This is some basic social skills advice.

You’re allowed to make mistakes. Just focus on fixing the mishap. Purposefully do it slowly. By making your movements more deliberate you will feel more in control. Anyone who makes a big deal out of a simple human mistake is an idiot.

Fake enthusiasm whenever people give you news. It will make them favor you more. Use ‘surprise’ phrases such as “Wow are you serious!?” and “No way! What happened?”. Practice your voice work too.

All this will also help you be a better liar, which isn’t something you should really aim to do. But too many people follow there emotions too closely and can’t handle you being genuine and not caring.

Developing skills in conveying enthusiasm will just happen to build your lying skills as a byproduct. That will come in handy when you come across sociopaths.


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