How To Unlock Open-Mindedness & Expand Your Fundamentals


Whenever I read posts about being open minded it never really clicks. Maybe the authors of these posts weren’t writing through their own experience. Or maybe they didn’t bother thoroughly explaining what open-mindedness really means.

Here’s what open-mindedness means:

Letting go of your initial limitations and expanding on your fundamentals.

Whenever we start something new we tend to start out timidly. For example, you read about the benefits of dressing better. You decide you want to improve your style but you’re not feeling very confident jumping straight into a new look.

So instead of diving all in, you decide to only focus on wearing trendy shirts and nicer pants. You go out and you notice that you get a few more looks than usual and strangers treat you better.

Now you’ve experienced what improving your style can do for you. You’ve gotten a taste of the benefits and now you want more. You’ve decided to make a goal out of improving your style and image.

Maybe you stick with wearing more trendy shirts and pants. But eventually you’ll realize that you’ve put a limit on your potential. You’ve capped your benefits by not exploring other pieces for your outfits.

You’ve left out accessories like watches, necklaces, and rings. Ignored boots, shoes, and height lifts. You also neglected hygiene, colognes, and regular haircuts.

By not going beyond trendy new shirts and pants, you’ve limited yourself and the benefits of improving your looks.

Another example is weightlifting. You may have only been doing compound movements and you like the progress that you’ve been making. Every workout you bench press, squat, shoulder press, row, and deadlift.

Although each of these exercises are incredible for making progress, you notice that some parts of your body aren’t up to par as you hoped they’d be. You realize that you’ve limited your own progress to those compound lifts.

A part of being open minded is realizing that you want to expand your progress. You notice that your arms aren’t as big as you’d like, so now you do bicep curls and tricep extensions.

You’ve become open minded and added isolation exercises to your collection to tools to bring added progress toward your mission.

This isn’t to say that you’ve been doing things wrong this entire time. That’s not what happened.

What happened is that you established your own fundamentals.

You’ve realized some potential and progress towards your goal and now you’re addicted to the progress it’s given you.

Open-mindedness is something you unlock after you’ve made some growth and hit a plateau. You realize that you’re not making the same progress that you used to.

Unlocking open-mindedness is realizing that you’ve put limitations on yourself, but now you know that you can handle more. You want more. Now you figure out how to expand on your fundamentals and apply yourself.

You may be disappointed that you didn’t realize this sooner. Use that as motivation to work harder towards your goal. When your progress reaches a plateau, your addiction to your progress will naturally make you more open-minded.

In a sense, open-mindedness comes from being resourceful and using that to beat through a plateau of progress. The more you work towards your goal, the more resourceful and open minded you will naturally become.

Let go of those initial limitations you’ve put on yourself. People will put limits on themselves because either they aren’t concerned with a similar goal like yours, or they haven’t put in enough work to become open minded.

Keep working on it and you will figure it out.

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