How To Have A Killer Workout If You’re Short On Time


Do you find yourself short on time and looking to get your lifting session out of the way as soon as possible?

Well I’ve come up with the fastest method for working out, while still being able to make muscular gains. I call them Timebomb Workouts.

Timebomb Workouts are one of the quickest, most efficient, and effective workouts you can have.

If you’re low on time but still want maximum muscle building benefits, then this method is for you.

Guidelines To Performing A Timebomb Workout

After you perform your warm-up set, choose your working weight. 

This weight will remain the same for the exercise this entire workout session.

No matter how high or low your typical reps at this given weight is.

You will perform 4 working sets for each exercise.

For your first working set you’re going to aim for 12 reps.

Chances are, this is your only set that reaches 12 reps.

Despite that, for each subsequent set you will try your damndest to hit those 12 reps.

In between each set you will only rest for one minute.

Before your one minute is up, you should already be finding your grip and positioning on the barbell.

If any of your sets reached 12 reps, you will increase the weight for your next workout.

The sub-12 rep sets serve a purpose by reinforcing your strongest set to have higher reps for your next workout.

It is still progressive overload.

You WILL feel the pump.

And you WILL make gains.

When you train like this, you can use the same exercises and muscle groups the following day.

Because you’re effectively training your muscles to recover faster when you use this method of weight training.

You can save a lot of time using this method.

A workout with 3 exercises, 4 sets each, takes less than 25 minutes.

A workout with 4 exercises, 4 sets each, takes less than 35 minutes. Etc.

And the all-out crush and rush to the top (12 reps) gives you a killer pump.

If you do these workouts you will be totally wiped out. But you wouldn’t want to be too sore to workout tomorrow would you? 

No worries, here is a post on maximizing your recovery and beating soreness by tomorrow.

So, what the hell are you  waiting for?!

Go hit the weights

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