What’s The Most Tired You’ve Ever Been?


Have you ever just been tired? It could be that your body is exhausted. Or your emotional well-being is worn out. Maybe you’re stressed and you don’t care about a lot of things anymore – all you want is to go home.

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Right now, I’m witnessing a loved one go through those motions. I only imagine that she’s physically tired. Hardly any time to sleep, working long overnight shifts. One moment she’s really hot, the next she’s very cold.

Then I remember a time when I was tired. Just tired. The most tired I’ve ever been.

I had recently become ‘homeless’. With no money, and no financial aid, I picked up a warehouse job working mandatory overtime every week. At the same time, I was attending college with a full-time course load. And I was just starting to realize that my girlfriend of a couple years had been cheating on me in my time of strife.

As they say, times was tough

The hardest part was knowing that something was wrong with my relationship and constantly thinking of what she could be doing. There was just too much time to think to myself at work.

I remember one time having a conversation with her mother, and she gave me some of the worst relationship advice I had ever heard in my life:

“One day my husband found another man’s underwear in our room. He asked me whose it was and he became concerned. I asked him if he really thought I would bring another man into our room… Someday you’re going to have every reason to believe that [she’s] lying to you and seeing someone else. When you confront her, she’ll say no. And you’ll just have to believe it. You’ll have to trust her”

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Aside from all that hardship, I was damn proud of myself for enduring. I remember walking onto campus entirely exhausted. Absolutely zero anxiety for how anyone looked at me.

However, the stress on my mind kept me from learning anything. I remember the professor sneaking in the phrase ‘buy a shirt!’ in his lecture while looking at my direction. I always wore the same beige flannel to his class.

I didn’t give a damn. The only clothes I had at the time were stuffed inside a luggage bag in my car’s trunk. And the days I had his seminar were my beige flannel days – I still have that flannel in my closet right now.

The funny thing is, I was still happier at that moment than the situation I was in before. I was even happier after I broke off that toxic relationship.

If there’s a single lesson that I’ve learned over those years, it’s this: All it takes is one toxic person to make your entire life miserable.

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I haven’t mentioned the real estate fraud, European backpacking, sex for roof, and all the other things surrounding that chapter of my life. Maybe I will in future posts.

But one thing is for sure – until I finally ended that relationship, quit that job, and started getting some real help. I was tired. And even though all I wanted was to go home – there was no home to go to.

But I’m not complaining. Looking back now I realize that the tough times are the fun times. And I hope you all have made peace with your past and have a positive mindset about it as well.

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But enough about me, I want to know about you

What troubling times have you endured? What has gotten you through it? Are you going through tough times right now? Leave your advice and experiences in the comment section below.

If you had the chance to give one piece of advice to someone struggling in life right now  – what would it be?

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