Why Sex Is About Power

sex is about power

“Is she over 18?” the cop asked me. I came into her not even 20 seconds earlier. 

She used me for rides to school. I used her for sex. 

“You know we can see you two from the freeway since your headlights are on.” 

The headlights are always on if the car is running. And she wanted the heater on. 

But it didn’t make a difference since she was bent over, her elbows digging into the back seat. Taking me from behind, just outside the open car door. 

He passed back her State ID. She was 19. 

“I had no idea” I said nervously.  

His car was parked in a way that aimed to t-bone us.  

I could see his police LED lights sitting on his dash. 

The only reason she let me do this to her was because I drove her to school.  

I could say she cost me about $25 in gas a week. But the truth is, it was never out of my way. She knew this. 

“You two be careful”, he let us go. I watched him skip past a stop sign in a rush. 

I was still shook when I dropped her off at her parents house.  

She fixed her hair before going inside. 

We would go off and park away from the general public. And she would let me drill her in the car like a prostitute. Or is she worse than a prostitute? 

I exchanged nearly nothing to use her. The sex was cheap. 

At least a prostitute would do it for money. A typical person would do it for their own enjoyment. 

I wonder what her other guy would have thought of her if he knew.  

At least she got what she wanted. All it cost her was some open legs. 

For a time I judged this woman pretty hard. Until a few months later – 

“Can I suck your dick?”, caught off guard I said “Sure.” 

“It’s so big” she said, as all well-mannered women do.  

Then she grabbed me and slowly bobbed her head downward to get accustomed before getting started. 

It was the best head I ever had (up to that point). 

Ladies, I’m telling you now. If your head game is A1, your man will never want to leave you. 

The best part? I got to spend the night after she finished. 

Why does it matter? Because I was homeless at the time. 

Outside of the bedroom we would hang out and she’d buy me food and clothes. 

But I noticed that she would always hand me the cash to pay at the register. She would always stand closer to me when other women were around. 

I didn’t realize this at the time, but I unknowingly got myself a Sugar Momma.  

Even so, she’d talk to other guys. Guys who wanted to get serious with her and vice versa. She’d tell me all about the ones she had sex with and the ones she didn’t.  

Shit, looking back I had no idea who was closer to a relationship with her. Me or them. 

She offered sex freely. It was a commodity. It meant nothing to her. 

But she’d always talk about what they have to offer her.  

He has a good job and a nice house… He knows how to do tattoos and he grows and sells his own weed… But this guy loves his family and he has a huge dick… 

But what did she have to offer these men in exchange for a relationship? 

The common scenario is that a woman wants a relationship more than a man (she’s more likely to push for marriage). 

A man can offer that, but it’s more valuable than any sex she has to offer. 

Because although men are afraid to say it. They all want to marry a virgin. 

Gasp! You insecure pig! A real man would want a woman who’s experienced.  

Don’t make me laugh. A man’s ideal woman to be with and marry is a virgin. (Sex is too cheap to argue otherwise). 

The whole experienced is better argument is stupid. Within a year, a newlywed virgin would know her man sexually and get the experience she needs from him to be his sexual goddess. 

And arguing that he’ll get bored of her and look for someone else is also a stupid argument.  

A typical man who gets married and puts half his life on the line isn’t going to cheat on his virgin wife. 

They’re both offering something big to each other. Exclusivity at the highest degree.  

But the modern western world isn’t like that anymore. 

There was one guy who stood out to me. He offered her money for sex.  

And she really considered it. She went on about how it would help pay for her bills and stuff she wanted. 

Then she asked me if I could be her protection.  

All I had to do was park there and make sure she came back out before the hour, Even I thought it was a sweet gig. 

But ultimately I turned it down. I didn’t want to turn out like my old man. 

But like I’ve witnessed.

The ability to offer sex is easy. Once you’re finished, then your side of the deal is done. 

But relationships are different. They take maintenance.  

If women are the gatekeepers to sex. Then it’s man who is the gatekeeper to relationships. 

In case you didn’t get the point of the story: 

What are you getting in exchange for sex? 

What are you exchanging your sex for?  

Because although everything is about sex, all sex is about power. 

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