Why You Aren’t Eating Slowly

eating slowly

Have you ever noticed other people who really take their time eating their food?

Somehow they’ve learned the art of eating slowly and cherishing their meals.

If you’re like me you’ve probably thought – how the hell do they do that?

When I eat I acknowledge the taste, but I find myself engorging it rather than eating slowly and savoring it.

It’s as if taste isn’t what I’m really after.

So Then Why Am I Not Eating Slowly?

Think outside in. Observe the actions side-by-side with the thoughts that go with it.

You think you should take the time and enjoy something that is sweet.

But instead, what you do is eat it mindlessly and quickly.

Realize that your body doesn’t care to eat slowly.

Despite what your mind says, your body doesn’t want to slow down and enjoy food.

What your body really wants is better quality food.

That doesn’t mean sweeter candy or more exotic fruits.

It means your body wants meats: chicken, steak, fish, etc.

Chances are, the foods you’ve been eating are junk and candy. Both of which contain sugar.

I Eat Sugary Foods, So What?

In the same way you think you’re hungry, when you’re actually dehydrated or sleep deprived –

You’re being misguided to think there’s something wrong with how you eat, rather than what you eat.

Put bluntly, the sugar-infested foods you’re consuming is addictive.

The Solution? Drop the junk & Eat more meats.

Meat forces you to slow down when you eat and it satiates you.

You’ll have a lower cap on your capacity to eat meat than on your capacity to eat simple carbs.

And unlike these simple carb junk foods you’re eating, meat helps build your body.

Sugars, on the other hand, are for weak-minded individuals who don’t think about their bodies in the long-run.

They want the immediate gratification of something that tastes ‘good’.

It’s one of the reasons why there is so much obesity in the US.

Sugar can taste sweet now, but in a few hours it makes you crash.

And in the long run, it promotes fat growth.

Final Checkpoint

Listen to what your body really wants.

Your body needs more meat and better quality foods.

So stop feeding yourself garbage and get rid of all that junk in your house.

Trade your food staples from carbs to meats.

And take care of your body, so it will take care of you.

Because you only have one body, and it needs to last you a lifetime.

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