Why Women & Men Grow Differently In Society


Plenty of women are insecure and they can’t handle the blunt truth. So that sure makes it incredibly hard for me to be me.

Don’t get me wrong. When my fellow man asks me for my input, I am direct and honest. It’s just women. And that’s not to talk down on them in any way. We just value different things because we all live differently. For women, it’s all about how they feel, and feelings have no limits.

But that’s the huge difference between man and woman. Women are given a gift, and all they have to do is not fuck that gift up. A woman will always be desired and taken care of.

Man must always try to grow. We are always in competition. If not with others, then with ourselves. In order to make measurable progress we must be honest with ourselves and have others be honest with us. Feedback for solutions helps us grow.

Women however, don’t have the same type of problem. They just have to play it safe and ‘fit in’ with the cultural crowd. There’s no need to grow because they have a gift, so they play it safe to avoid endangering it.

When there’s no crucial need for growth, there’s no need for honesty. Instead, you’d just care about feeling good, fitting in, and playing it safe.

Men must motivate themselves, rebel against mediocrity, and be risky in order reach success.

Women already have the blessing that brings them their own success.

When you look at everything under these terms you realize that men are more ‘extreme’ because society demands it. No one is going to take care of men – so for us, there is no ‘playing it safe’.


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