November 20, 2018

The Pill to Decrease Anxiety & Increase Well-Being (For Introverts)

Are you sick of being shy or unable to relax?

Chances are you have high norepinephrine and low seratonin.

These two chemicals in the body dictate how much anxiety and sense of well-being you have.

As an introvert you may have slight anxiety issues and depression.

This makes sense as introverts tend to have less social interaction and more introspection as opposed to extroverts.

And although you may have a rich inner life, your outer life pays for it.

But what if we could balance that out?

What I'm about to show you will fill in the holes in your persona.

So your anxiety can go down and your sense of well-being can go up.

It's called 5-HTP.

This supplement is available at your local drugstore and online.

For a long time I've experimented with a variety of supplements to see what can ease my anxiety.

I fell in love with one supplement called phenibut. And I loved how it made me outgoing and happy.

But you form a dependency too easily on phenibut. You're brain processes things far too slowly as it mimics a 'sober' drunkenness.

Ultimately, it's a very subtle, yet strong, anti-anxiety drug.

I can't recommend it for regular use.

But then I found 5-HTP. And it works exactly how you want it to.

Unlike phenibut, 5-HTP doesn't take away from your mental performance.

Instead, 5-HTP fills in those gaps that you feel are missing.

If you're frequently down in the dumps, taking 5-HTP will give you a winner's high.

You will experience:

  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Increased Sense of Well-being
  • Decreased Depression
  • Increased Confidence
  • Decreased Pessimism
  • Increased Sleep Quality

And although there are plenty of natural ways to feel like a winner. 5-HTP can be used so you know where you should be at.

Like all supplements you want to use it responsibly. And stick to recommended doses.

I personally like to use it no more than three times a week.

Sometimes before bed if I know I won't be getting a lot of sleep.

And that's honestly the best way to use it.

When you feel overstressed, over-anxious, depressed, or fatigued - you are off balance.

Using 5-HTP strategically helps put you back in place.

And although it's a very effective pill that improves your brain function, mood, and sleep -

Use it to facilitate your natural efforts to get you feeling great again (food, sleep, exercises) as it isn't a panacea.

My Personal Experience Using 5-HTP

I feel more confident overall. And it isn't confidence that comes from rash stupidity.

Instead 5-HTP brings out my self-assuredness.

I'm more confident in my ability to get things done. Increased self-reliance.

I feel more at peace with the world and able to enjoy the smaller things.

And for some time my body has been refusing to get up in the morning. Despite 8+ hours of sleep.

When I take 5-HTP before bed, I can wake up feeling fantastic after only 5 hours of sleep.

I look forward to my day more than I have before.

But like I said, I only take this three times a week at most. As a way to help 'recharge'.

Who Should Take 5-HTP?

If you are introverted, try it. It will make you more extroverted and increase life satisfaction.

If you're prone to high stress, depression, and/or anxiety. Definitely give it a shot. As it will take the edge off and improve your performance overall.



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