June 13, 2017

5 Things That Kill Your Productivity

Television, Videogames, Apps, Social Media

Unless you make money off any of these things, there’s zero reason to be on them.

Put it this way: people want you to watch television and Netflix because you are making them money. They want you to play apps because, in exchange for your time, you are making them money. You are encouraged to go on social media and watch influencers because you are making them money.

What do you actually get out of these things?


Stop being a consumer and start being like the people you follow on the internet! Instead of wasting time and getting nothing out of it – be the one putting in work for other people to consume.

Then you can flip the tables. You will be making money off of them.

Stop taking in worthless content and start making your own. Hint: YouTube, Blogs, Podcast.


Drugs like weed kill your productivity. You sit there doing nothing with your life but feel the motions in your head.

What if I told you that the only reason you take drugs is so you feel like you’re doing something? When you can get off your ass and actually make something out of your life, you instead choose to sit on the couch high and believe there isn’t anything better to do.

If there are any “drugs” that you’re going to use, take nootropics. These are used to increase your sociability and productivity, without undergoing any slump.

Drop the drugs that are killing your time and productivity, and use the nootropics that are meant to enhance your performance and quality of life.


Women aren’t a waste of time, but they can kill your productivity. A bad pattern that I’ve noticed is that when a man starts a new relationship, he tends to skip out on his workouts. If he’s skipping out on his workouts, then what else is he neglecting?

Unless women are the goal, letting your life be taken over by them will kill your productivity.

This doesn’t mean you need to drop your girlfriend or wife in order to make real progress in your life. It just means you have to set boundaries. If your girl loves to lay on top of you to take her naps in the middle of the day, you need to establish that she can nap without you so she isn’t wasting your time.

Your relationship is something you’re supposed to build upon. That’s why dates, planning, sex, etc are productive in the context of your relationship.

But don’t let her encroach on the time that can be used productively to achieve a goal. Relationships are meant to improve your quality of life – not suppress it.

Here’s a recommended post on making a relationship work. You will need to invest time into your relationship. But that’s worth it. If she encourages you to pursue your goals – she’s worth it. If you neglect her too much then you’ll be by yourself. Then your sorry ass will be wasting time watching porn.

Killing Your Drive

Once you get the ball rolling, you don't want it to stop. When you make progress, you feel motivated to make more. You want to find that flow. You want to become addicted to progress.

Outside of relationships is work. Work is anything – you’re working on catching up on your show, you’re working on reading up on body language, you’re working on your tan, etc. Just because it isn’t hard doesn’t mean it isn’t work. And just because it’s work, doesn’t mean you’re making a profit off it.

When you do something you like, you’re going to keep working on it. Find the work you like to do. If you don’t know how to start, just pick any little thing and focus on that until you’re ready to take on more.

Once you get that ball going, DON’T LET IT STOP.

It’s easy to be lazy. But once you’re in the zone, in the flow, addicted to progress – you’re already there, it’s already easy. Once you let that go you have to build it back up. That's not as easy. It’s like breaking your diet and having to ease back into it again.

Don’t break your drive – keep going!

Think about when you’re driving on the freeway. Don’t you love it when you’re making good time? Getting closer and closer to your destination.

Don’t you fucking hate it when you hit traffic? Then you get all backed up.

Working is easy after you start. So don’t stop working in the first place. (Productivity Secret)

Lack of Respect For Your Time

Do you count the hours in your day? Do you even think where your hours go?

To achieve greatness, you have to put the hours in. At first it doesn’t seem like much. But those hours add up. That’s how success is made – putting in the time.

There are 24 hours in a single day.

You sleep for 8 hours. There’s only 16 hours left.

Then there’s work for another 8 hours. There’s only 8 hours left.

But the commute, eating, etc. There’s only 6 hours left.

If you only have 6 hours in your day left, what are you going to do?

A job is there to help you pay the bills. But is it your life meaning? Your goal? Is this what you want to do with your life? Are you going to throw away those last 6 hours or are you going to make something out of it?

Don’t waste those six hours of your day watching television. Looking at social media. Under a lazy body. Drugged up on the couch. Achieving nothing with your life.


Work on building you! Work on building the life that you want! Build the body you want. Build the relationships you want to have. The lifestyle you want to live. Make the most of those hours you have left in the day!

Your Life Belongs To You! So Live It!



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