June 4, 2017

7 Reasons Why You Should Lift Weights

Do your really need to know why you should lift weights?

To sum it up, being an average is lame and average boring.

But if there's one simple way to be above average, it's lifting weights.

Because not everyone does it. And those who do lift know that there's more to lifting than being able to move heavy shit around.

7 Reasons Why You Should Lift Weights:

1) It Builds pride

Whenever I lift a heavy weight I get a sense of pride. Because I know I worked up to that strength.

It takes some work and dedication to rack up heavy weight.

No one starts with a bench press of 225lbs. Nobody can immediately deadlift three plates.

That isn’t anyone’s first workout, it’s impossible. So you take pride in what you’ve built.

2) You Earn Your Own Self-Respect

When you see your arms grow bigger and more vascular, there’s a lot of confidence that goes with that.

You know that you’re further distinguishing yourself from the rest of the crowd (average people).

And you build respect for yourself. Hell! I don’t know how you can't have self-respect.

Because if you’re puny and scrawny, then you’re basically a chihuahua.

And although these types of people can be very nice, I'm sure they feel like they have to be nice.

Behind a screen door a Chihuahua can bark and hide behind false confidence.

But when you get up close to it, it’s a meek little fella. It shakes and quivers at loud noises and cold weather.

That’s how I think about scrawny guys. The world just seems much bigger than them.

And there’s a difference between being a scrawny, tall guy and a scrawny, small guy.

At least if you’re tall (over 6ft) then you have pride of being taller than most of the general population.

But if you’re like 5’6” and you’re scrawny, you need to put on some muscle. Do it to build respect for yourself.

Shorter guys are kind of lucky too. Because when they build muscle, it looks thicker.

The muscle doesn’t have to stretch out like it does for a taller person who has longer limbs.

The muscle is packed into a smaller space and you can look huge at a lower weight.

Take advantage of that.

3) It attracts women

I don’t believe this is a good reason to lift.

I get it, women like it. It’s flattering that a woman wants to come up to you and touch your arms and chest.

That’s cool, but it’s more of a byproduct that comes after the fact.

I think that if you want more attention from women, then go talk to them.

More than half the shit you say is to get a person’s attention anyway. So just go talk to women if that’s what you really want.

Lifting helps regardless. And women love a muscular man because they like to feel womanly.

To max out her womanliness, she’s going to find a man with the same level of manliness.

And as it turns out, muscles are manly.

4) You Live Longer and Live Better

If you have more muscle mass you will live longer.

Diseases aren’t going to bring you down as much. And your body and immune system are simply better than someone who doesn’t lift.

You’re gonna be in better condition than everyone else.

So you won't die from obesity or anything like that.

5) You don’t want to be average

Aspire for more. Being average sucks.

For one day, I stopped being conscious of getting enough protein, calories, etc.

It’s so easy. Not caring, it’s so fucking easy.

Hell, it’s kind of a letdown. I realized how little normal people work.

And it made me realize that keeping those things in mind is actual work. But I’ve been doing it for so long that I’m used to it.

But average people really take the easiest road. That’s why they get nowhere.

They’re not anyone to look up to.

6) It’s good healthy competition

Among men, you might find some weightlifting buddies and compete a bit.

It’s fun to know how much you can rack on, lift, push, pull, etc.

There are also plenty of communities in the fitness world.

A great free app to track your progress, workouts, and interact with a community is Fitocracy.

People on their are helpful. And if come across someone who really knows their shit, shoot them a question. They might shoot you back a valuable, no-bullshit answer.

7) Here’s why I started lifting weights:

When I was a kid I had this idea that in the future, I’m gonna be the man that my children will look up to.

And one of the biggest qualities about this man is that he has to be strong.

My son or daughter would look at me and say that’s my dad right there.

That’s why I started lifting weights. Just a young teen's vision.

So, you can say I did it for admiration, to be someone my people can rely on, and to be a role model.

Now I just do it out of habit.

In Conclusion

To stick to something you must have a reason. So have a reason.

Then when you ask yourself “Do I really want to lift today?” or "should I skip today?" -

You can remind yourself why you do it.

I do it because I like to lift.

Because a man must be strong.

I do it to be better than average.

Because I want my loved ones to look to me for strength and guidance.

Whatever your reason is – make sure you walk up to that bar and

lift those fucking weights

Why You Should Lift Weights. Why You Should Lift Weights.


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