These are the top 4 books I recommend. Everyone should have these books. Because the sooner you have this knowledge, the better.

Unscripted: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship. The moment you get your hands on this book you will be ahead of 80% of the population. You will understand the reality of business, time, money, life, and everything else that’s important. If you could only afford one book off this list *pick this book*.

Secrets to Closing the Sale. Written by a legendary salesman. Learning to sell is vital to your life. Until you get your desired profession/business, you will greatly benefit working and learning sales. Humans are social creatures and sales is good for your social skills, mental health, and personal development. You will meet people, make connections, avoid depression, gain confidence, get laid, and make money. Learn to sell, period.

Thick Face, Black Heart. Despite knowing what’s best for yourself, you are shamed and hold yourself back because of others. Don’t think this makes you a good person. Learn quickly that to get ahead you must be ruthless and shameless. Realize these qualities aren’t bad. In fact, they bring you what is good. This greatness is already within you, you just have to unlock it.

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. By the time you’re 25, you’ve been through enough shit that you have no excuse to let life hold you back. Until then, you *will* experience tragedy. Life will shit on you and sometimes there’s no one to talk to. No one to offer you real help. This book will help you pick yourself up and brush yourself off. It’s the most sensitive book you may ever need. Read it when the time comes.


Web hosting

Bluehost – To start an internet business or website you need a domain name and hosting. Level Up Stud recommends Bluehost for both.

You want to create as many income streams as possible. We recommend the following internet businesses:

  1. Blogging (do the work once and make money forever)
  2. Product based website
  3. Own your name (for consulting & avoiding possible fraud)

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Website design and themes

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5-HTP – Take one pill and two tall glasses of water before bed to get incredible sleep. Take one pill in the morning to improve mood and decrease anxiety.

StyleSexyHair Gel – The only hair gel I recommend for men who have thick hair. This product lasts all day and keeps your hair tame and in place.

Accessories – Here are three accessories I’ve had for years that get regular comments/compliments to this day (necklace, ring 1, ring 2).

Height Lifts – The only real way to get taller after you’ve finished growing. Tall people get more admiration and respect from both men and women. Trust me, I’ve been using these for 3+ years.

Pocket Notebooks – The truth is that you’re gonna forget most of your living days. Don’t. Spend a few minutes every day to write down what you did for the day. When you go back and read, you will remember everything. Life is too brief and beautiful to forget.