April 10, 2017

How to Become Taller & Treated Better

Men who are taller are treated better. No discussion.

As a man of 5’ 10”, my height is average. That means I get average treatment.

If there’s something that I’ve noticed, it’s that extremes are what make the difference.

I wanted to be above average height.

So, here’s what I did to become taller:

  1. I bought shoes that give me a bit of lift.
  2. I bought shoe inserts to give me more lift.

The next day I was walking at 6 feet tall and I had one of the saddest and happiest days of my life.

Being six feet tall I noticed how people are nicer to me in general.

Unlike when I’m 5’10”, people feel comfortable enough to actually walk by me. And when I say walk by me, I mean walk by me very closely. It’s made me realize that when I’m at my actual height, people somewhat, ‘go around me’. That realization felt incredibly disappointing.

But now it also makes me a bit happy because these inserts made me feel normal. Like this is the way I was supposed to be treated this whole time. However, it took an extra two inches of height to make that happen.

When you’re taller than average, you look down to most of the population. And to be honest. It feels pretty damn good.

People look up to you and girls like to steal some peeks. They really do love taller guys.

You get cocky even though it isn’t the natural you. You may feel weird about it. Don’t. Shake it off.

Girls who wear makeup don’t feel weird about not showing their natural face. So, don’t worry about your artificial height.

So, something I recommend all men to do who are under six feet is to buy shoes and/or insoles that add on to your height. It might feel uncomfortable at first. But that’s how all new things feel.

The biggest change is how everyone will treat you: Better.

It’s a shallow reality. But it’s one that you could easily take advantage of.

Here’s a bit of free advice for wearing shoe inserts

Some people may choose the height-enhanced lifestyle. Others may choose to only enhance their height occasionally.

Well if you’re new to shoe inserts you may experience discomfort. Occasionally there are days where I still get discomfort. But as women will tell you – beauty is pain.

Here’s my trick to get rid of that discomfort that you won’t see on reviews:

Tighten your shoe laces (& put on an extra pair of socks, and make sure your feet are on the soft side)

That’s it. Just tie your shoes tighter than usual. Maybe put on an extra pair of socks if it feels better. But if you find your foot slipping off the insert, tightening your shoe will help keep it all in place.

You might think that you’re walking funny. For the first week you might. After the first few days, you will have your walk all down. You may feel like you’re still walking funny anyway, that’s normal. You’re walking fine. That feeling is insecurity, and it goes away.

Also, you’d be surprised by how low stuff is. Reaching around can be awkward. You may feel like you’re losing coordination, but you're not. You just understand the struggle tall people face when reaching for something that’s below their reach.

Final Checkpoint

Try it out. Buy some athletic shoes, high tops, or boots that give you an inch of height. Make sure the shoes are not low tops, otherwise having height insoles could make your heels stick out.

Then invest a bit of money on some one inch shoe inserts. And bask. When you buy inserts they usually come in a bundle that stack up to several inches. Only use one inch.

Here are the exact same height enhancing shoe inserts that I use personally. Walk around in these for a day or two and you will see exactly what I mean. Use my tips to get rid of any discomfort.

If you find some better inserts, give us a link in the comment section below. We're all looking for that bit of edge to give us more advantage in life.



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