August 9, 2019

3 Books All Men Must Read to Understand Women (Once & For All)

understand women

Men have given up on trying to understand women. Even women don't understand women. This is no longer the case because -

These 3 books will help you understand women once and for all
Book One

GAME by Roosh Valizadeh. This is a book on how to meet women. It's his tried-and-true methods on how to attract, approach, date, seduce, and everything in between. This is for the man who wants a simple and effective game plan to laid.

GAME isn't at all intricate like many seduction manuals from a past era. Roosh has simplified everything down to a checklist. From how to take care of yourself to how to bed a woman.

This book focuses on the objective of seducing a woman. Although there are guidelines for self-development, they aren't too emphasized. Which is perfectly fine since all the information is concise and gets to the point.

This book isn't too well-known, but it is highly recommended. Otherwise it wouldn't be on this list.

Book Two

Models by Mark Manson. Most men are looking for tips and tricks to get women. The problem with tips and tricks is that they are just that. You are hiding behind a veil of your performance. This sets an undertone of fakery in your relationships.

Models shows you how to have real, genuine relationships with the women you meet. Manson shows you how to actually connect with women. While at the same time teaching you how to not be put in a weak position.

Aside from that it's a sufficient men's self-help book outside the realm of women. As it shows you to have a better relationship with yourself.

This book is the most known of the three books listed. All of it ties together ideas that you'd pick up over the course of life. Manson sees life as an act of art.

Book Three

Women's Infidelity by Michelle Langley. This is a book on the life-cycle of a relationship. It shows us how infidelity looks like from both sides of the relationship.

Women's Infidelity is a goldmine of information. Specifically because men and women do not think the same. So this book thoroughly explains the woman's thought process when it comes to the end of a relationship. This is important for men to understand so they know the real causes and how it can be prevented.

This book is nearly unknown as it's full of forbidden knowledge. But be warned, once you read this book you can't go back. Langley sees this as the natural script for relationships.


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