March 13, 2017

Why Personal Experience is the Best Source of Knowledge

'You've discovered that diet soda has provided a benefit in your life. So you're not addicted to the drink. You're addicted to the progress it gives you.’

That’s a message I sent someone the other day who’s been making a lot of progress lately losing weight.

She was a lot like the other people who preached widespread false knowledge.

But after she ignored the losers' advice and listened to my own proven advice, her progress rose quickly.

If you don’t walk the walk, don’t talk the talk. Only first-hand experience can make you credible.

See, all too often do people around me notice that I drink diet soda on a regular basis. They tell me some silly shit like ‘Hey, you shouldn’t drink diet soda. It’s worse for you than regular. You might as well just drink regular soda’.

I’m a fit guy. I’m know why I choose to drink diet soda often.

Why is it that every time someone tells me diet soda is bad for me, it’s some unhealthy, fat person?

Who the hell are they to give me any health advice?

Their ‘scientific’ knowledge is a load of shit. People need to think for themselves rather than rely on some random research study.

People need to try things out for themselves or find people who they trust to discover what information is tried and true.

Are you going to listen to some overweight dude who read that ‘diet soda is bad for you’ or are you going to listen to a guy who’s ripped and strong?

I drink diet soda because it helps me lean out. It curbs my hunger, tastes better than water, and saves me calories.

It brings me progress, that’s why I drink it.

But not everything you put in your body improves your life.

Whether or not what you consume improves, maintains, or worsens your life depends entirely on what you want to accomplish and what you’re consuming.

When we consume things repeatedly, it’s because we’re under the impression that it is improving our lives. This may or may not be the truth.

For you to be sure, you need direction in your life. A goal to realize.

Without a goal, or purpose, chances are whatever you consume on a regular basis is not improving your life.

That’s why drugees exist. They don’t give themselves purpose so they take drugs to give them the illusion that they’re improving their lives. When in actuality, they’re maintaining a downward slope.

What people need to do is ignore what they hear from media and gain the personal experience of trying stuff out themselves.

Of course, try to use good judgment. If something is very illegal or harmful to others, you should typically avoid the ‘don’t knock it until you try it’ approach that I’m giving you right now.

In many ways, everything we do with our bodies can bring out dopamine charges to the brain.

This goes beyond substances we put in our bodies. It includes ideas, visuals, etc.

Find those things you can consume that release dopamine, the feel-good  hormone, while also improving your life.

Find what works for YOU and then by all means share it!

Give people the same practical advice from the life you practice.

Ignore the judgments from people who believe they have it right due to ‘widespread knowledge’.

If you find something that works then who cares what they think? You’re putting yourself at an advantage and they’re putting themselves at a disadvantage.

So, when people make comments about how I drink diet soda regularly or criticize me for taking my charisma combo I ignore them because I know that what I put into my body, what I consume, is improving my life.

It’s improving my health, it’s improving my social life, and my side hustles. It’s improving me. That’s why I do it. I have an addiction to the progress my consumption brings me.

We all must strive for the addiction of progress. Utilizing dopamine can help us accomplish this.

What you do or consume is either pushing you forward or pulling you back.

Find what brings up your dopamine, your progress, and stick to what helps you improve your life despite conventional knowledge.

Because if everyone follows conventional "wisdom" and you’ve found an edge –

Who do you think is going to accomplish more?



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