April 3, 2017

How Discipline is Supposed to be Made Easy

Self-Discipline isn't supposed to be hard, it's something for you to make easy.

In fact, discipline is a mix of convenience, preparedness, and established systems.

So when you exercise your discipline to start a new habit, you should always ask yourself:

  • In what ways can I make this easier to do every day

How to make a new habit easier?

  1. Establish a system
  2. Schedule time to work
  3. Make it convenient
  4. Be prepared

For example, here is my system for lifting weights:

I schedule it every day for sunrise, which starts at 6:30AM and I give myself until 7:30AM to finish.

For my convenience:

  • My exercise equipment is at home
  • My gym shorts are out for easy access
  • I wake up before the sun rises.

I'm already awake by 5:00AM.

That gives me an hour and a half to shake off any grogginess and prepare for the day ahead of me.

In fact, I'm writing this post at 6:05AM, waiting for the sun to show its face so I can get my Timebomb workout in.

Why do I have such bad discipline when it comes to quitting bad habits?

It's because your self-discipline got you the bad habit in the first place.

You've made the television convenient by sticking it into your room.

It's already prepared because it's plugged into the wall, with your remote sitting on your night stand.

And you already have an involuntary schedule where you watch television.

You've established a system out of all of the components above.

In other words, you made it easy for your self-discipline to make it a habit.

Reverse engineer these bad habits.

Unplug, remove, get rid of.

Then forward engineer the good habits that you want for yourself instead.

Final Checkpoint

To enforce a good habit, prepare to do it everyday, make it convenient, and establish a time and system to get it done.

To destroy a bad habit, don't make it convenient. In fact, get rid of it.

Work with your self-discipline, not against it



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