March 7, 2019

Why You Should Do A Dopamine Fast

Dopamine fast

You were raised to be an addict to entertainment.

Visit any family home and you will see parents leave their children in front of a tv screens and tablets all day.

What they don't realize is that they're sentencing these kids to a purgatory.

These children don't spend their time outdoors breathing fresh air, developing their creativity, or playing outside.

Instead they are addicted to the endless dopamine hits that the screen has to offer.

What is Dopamine?

Dopamine is a chemical in you that keeps you addicted. It makes you feel rewarded and what keeps you coming back for more.

It's what keeps you in front of a television screen, ready to watch the next video.

It keeps you scrolling through your social media, looking at one meme then the next meme and the next.

Dopamine is what gets you clicking around different porn videos, jumping in and out until you find the moment you want to nut to.

Dopamine is what keeps you wasting time and accomplishing nothing.

It's your addiction to what's easy and meaningless.

What is a Dopamine Fast?

On a dopamine fast you are to abstain from social media, digital entertainment, sexuality, and drugs such as:

  • Social Media
  • Video Entertainment
  • Audio Entertainment
  • Pornography
  • Masturbation
  • Videogames
  • Drugs (alcohol, weed, caffeine, etc.)

My Personal Dopamine Fast

For three weeks I didn't look at social media, stayed away from video entertainment, and ignored anything that sparked sexual urges.

However I did modify the fast slightly.

  • I have one podcast I'd listen to weekly
  • Sometimes I listened to lofi hip-hop
  • I had sex twice a week
  • I drank coffee/diet coke if I feel a use for it

That being said, I'll say that avoiding social media and video entertainment isn't too hard.

My real issue, in the beginning, was avoiding all thoughts of sex.

I kept my mind off of anything sex-related and looked away from women when I felt my thoughts turn erotic.

After a few days I convinced myself that this was normal.

Believe me when I say this -

On a dopamine fast you regain clarity and focus.

Without entertainment muddying your thoughts, you feel your brain become more clear and free to think.

Without sexual interference you are able to make real progress on your goals.

What I Noticed When I Got Off My Dopamine Fast

When I turned on the radio again I smiled and actually enjoyed the lyrical music.

When I was handed a videogame controller, I felt a rush of enjoyment take over.

But those feelings of joy die quickly.

The inevitable dopamine addiction kept me sitting there. Long past my peak enjoyment.

I wager that many people don't actually enjoy the entertainment.

They just think they do.

What drives them to keep going is the dopamine hits they get. Which makes sense.

You hear people say they can't start a new tv series because then they feel obligated to finish it.

They say it as if they are powerless over it.

Point: Entertainment needs to heavily regulated on an individual basis.

Then there's the sexual side to dopamine.

After putting in time deliberately avoiding sexual thoughts and sex entertainments, my sexual drive became incredibly high.

I really took the "avoid all sexual thought" part to heart.

Those fleeting moments where I'd accidentally have a sexual thought would leave my nuts aching.

I got morning wood often and I noticed precum was common before taking a piss.

When I had sex it was the hardest I've been for years. It was like being back in high school again.

My output was incredible!

But when I jumped back onto social media my brain saw things differently.

Most women's social media accounts equate to softcore porn.

Or at least approach it.

Now this seems like an exaggeration, and now that I'm off the fast, in retrospect it kinda is.

Which only proves how normalized all of this is.

I can only imagine societies where women are incredibly modest. Where the men aren't subject to women constantly showing off their bodies.

These men must be incredibly focused on their pursuits in life without the sexual distraction.

Which leads into the next point-

Female beauty and sexuality makes a huge impact on men.

Of course this is absolutely normalized behavior here in the United States. Make no doubt about it.

But these women sexualizing themselves on social media are in fact making a dent in society. Hurting it.

Now too many men are being distracted by these images.

To the point that they drool over them leaving cringey comments and paying them for access to premium content.

These men are put into a stasis in their lives due to dopamine hits they receive via women's sexuality.

That's the damage being done here.

That's absolute proof of how much influence a woman's beauty has on a man.

Now imagine a man who was never surrounded by abundant sexuality?

Then all of a sudden he witnesses huge dopamine hits from women wearing skimpy outfits.

When I ask myself this question I keep two things in mind:

1.) Personally my genitals went haywire when reintroducing sex

2.) A woman's beauty makes a man do stupid shit

A man who is suddenly introduced to this world would assume that some pretty barbaric shit is okay to do...

Then there's an issue of responsibility. But I don't care to go into that.

The real point I'm trying to make is this-

Entertainment and sexuality is chock-full of dopamine. Being addicted to either costs clarity and focus.

Go on a dopamine fast to shake you out of stasis. Then figure the best way to moderate for yourself.


It's been fun,


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  1. Everyone has been detoxing from dopamine the past 6 months. Can’t do anything. Too much detoxing from dopamine is causing depression though.

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