February 27, 2017

4 Ways You Can Lose Fat & Become Lean

One day, I looked in the mirror and I absolutely hated who I saw.  I was weak, pathetic, miserable and morbidly obese.

It was then that I made a promise to myself:

“If I don’t get down to 150lbs, I’m going to kill myself”.

Since I didn't want to die, failure was not an option. Then in under six months, I successfully lost about 60lbs.

During that time, I was completely obsessed, bold, and relentless in becoming the lean machine I wanted to be.

Since then, I’ve learned to clean up my diet, lift weights, and take better care of myself.

And over the years I’ve gained and lost weight repeatedly to find the best bulking and cutting methods that work for me.

Knowing how to lose fat is second nature to me now and I will show you what fat loss methods are tried and true.

The purpose of this article isn’t to disprove any one method in favor of another, but rather it’s a list of methods and the how-to.

Progress isn’t always linear, but it can be.

You just need to find what works best for you.

If you feel that they all work for you, consider each method a tool at your disposal.

#1 Intermittent Fasting

Give yourself a “feeding window”. This is the time that you are allowed to eat. You will not eat any time before or after your feeding window.

You control:

  • How many hours your feeding window lasts
  • What times your feeding hours are
  • How many calories you can eat

Example: You give yourself a feeding window of 6 hours. You decide these feeding hours will be between 12:00 NOON to 6:00PM. Between NOON and 6:00PM you are allowed to eat. You allow yourself to eat 2100 calories a day. Any time before NOON or after 6:00PM you are not allowed to eat.

You can eat as many meals as you want in the feeding window so long as you don’t overdo your calories.

I personally preferred eating all my calories in one sitting.

At first you may have difficulty with this method because you could find yourself hungry outside of your "feeding window".

Remember that 'starvation' is discipline. When your stomach is growling that’s a sign that it’s eating itself.

Chew gum to get your empty stomach rumbling. That way you could ‘feel’ your progress.

Don't dread the word 'starvation'. You could last weeks without eating any food.

Don't quit because you feel hungry after 8 hours. Only a fat moron would cry and call that starvation.

I have lost at least 70lbs via Intermittent Fasting (IF).

#2 Multiple Small Meals

Eat a small meal every few hours. You don’t eat for satiation so much as you eat just so you know you did.

You control:

  • Amount of small meals you eat
  • How often you eat
  • How many calories you eat

You’re basically snacking all day.

Example: You wake up and have two eggs and toast. A few hours later you feel your stomach rumble, so you eat a protein bar. Another few hours later you feel your stomach again, so you eat a sandwich. Rinse and repeat. Just make sure your calories will be at a deficit as you reach the end of the day.

I personally don’t like this. I can’t get sufficient protein because each meal usually won’t go beyond 300 calories and they have to be portable. This method isn’t for everyone.

I've lost 6lbs via Multiple Small Meals.

#3 Eat Twice a Day

Pick two meal times. You eat big meals at those two times.

You control:

  • What times your two meals are
  • How many calories you eat

Example: You choose to skip breakfast (Black coffee or tea with calorie-free sugar is fine). You eat a big meal for lunch and a big meal for dinner. Don’t surpass your necessary calorie restriction.

This method is my favorite. I personally prefer eating breakfast and lunch, skipping dinner.

Say you can only eat 2,100 calories to be in a deficit. Split both meals into about 1,000 calories each.

When each meal is a feast and you still experience fat loss, what’s not to love?

I've lost at least 25lbs via Twice A Day.

#4 Low-Carb

Eat how you typically would, assumingly 3 meals. No carbs. No soda, unless it’s diet soda. Eat meats. This includes fish, eggs, and chicken. Seasonings and sauces on your meats is fine. Your carbs should typically come from green vegetables. No candy and no fruit. Fruit is nature’s candy.

You control:

  • What times you eat
  • How many calories you eat

Example: You’re hungry? Eat meat and green veggies. Fats like oils, butter, and cheeses is fine. Don’t go over your calories. Watch the fat melt off.

Incorporate this method into any of the other methods to speed up fat loss.

However, this method isn’t for someone trying to preserve muscle mass. You would need sufficient carbs as well.

I highly recommend this method because it helps you clean up your diet and pick up healthy eating habits as you go through it.

As a side note: Eat more vegetables or else the high protein diet will leave your butthole scathed and bleeding when you wipe.

I've lost over 15lbs via Low Carb.

How to lose fat and become lean.

Many people struggle to lose weight because they lack a strategy. Without a system in place, you will find yourself eating when you know you shouldn't. As a result, you will make zero fat loss progress.

This is why I've laid out these four strategies to help you tackle you're fat loss:

  1. Intermittent Fasting
  2. Multiple Small Meals
  3. Twice a Day
  4. Low Carb

Furthermore, if you try these strategies and stick with the one that works best for you, I guarantee your fat loss goal will become easier to achieve.

Some extra advice: Start with a small deficit, 200 or 300 calories, and increase it up as much as you feel appropriate as you move forward. Progress is progress. No matter how small. Get addicted to it.


ecome lean.


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  1. I was 260 pounds in high school. My turning point was when I went for a physical and my doctor showed me a line graph of my height to weight ratio for someone my age. And I was above the graph. 187 pounds now and feel great.

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