7 Ways To Feel Like A Winner Every Day (& Why You Should)

Do you know what's the biggest difference between winners and losers? It's that winners win and losers lose.

Every time you win and every time you lose, something magical happens to your body. Your chemistry changes.

Seratonin and norepinephrine within your body fluctuate. And they make a massive difference in your mindset.

A winner's chemistry has high seratonin and low norepinephrine. While a loser's chemistry has the opposite.

Why is this important? Because it explains why winners keep winning and the losers keep losing.

Victory and failure mold you.

And although failure is a great teacher - it's victory that defines us. So if you want to be a winner, then you need to start winning on a regular basis.

And here's how:

How You Can Feel Like A Winner Today

Kill it in the gym. Do you remember the first time you bench pressed two plates or pressed 135lbs overhead? For those who don't know the feeling, it's a real accomplishment. Every plate you add on a major lift feels like taking your entire game to the next level. Although milestones like that are few and far between, regularly doing one-rep maxes (or singles) and seeing frequent improvement is also great way to feel like a winner.

Dick her down good. We all know what an easy dicking is. You stuff your girl real quick and you aim to finish, not to please. But an easy way to feel the aura of victory is fucking your girl's brains out right. This doesn't mean you push her on the bed, pump and dump. Dicking her down right takes more intention than that. It involves hot and heavy foreplay, feeling her entire body, being rough, talking dirty, intimacy, toys, and numerous orgasms. If you know she's going to remember it for a long time, then you did it right.

Dominate others. Remember fellas: It's not enough that you should win. Others must fail. Gather the guys and play sports, arm wrestling, race each other downtown, or even pick up a game controller. It doesn't matter much what you do, all that matters is that you get competitive and crush them.

Get recognized for your work. More importantly, get recognized for doing work that you want to do. A week ago my friend wouldn't stop talking about being employee of the month at his job. Although I didn't think it was a real accomplishment, he felt like a winner because of it. So I was happy for him and we celebrated. You should celebrate for your recognition too.

Wake up from some damn good sleep. Most people, myself included, don't always get good sleep. You see it every morning on people's faces when they're off to buy their morning coffee. It's worth mentioning that getting good sleep will improve your coming day. And when you're well-rested you feel like you can conquer the world. So get deep sleep so you can wake up feeling like a winner.

Have money appear in your bank account. Of course the money doesn't come out of nowhere. It comes from doing work. Start an online business, get a job, or hustle. If you need help managing your money, create your own monetary philosophy that you can stick to and make you feel like a winner.

Making someone eat the shit they spit. Has anyone ever told you that you couldn't do something - right to your face? Then soon enough you prove them wrong? I swear, nothing feels better than telling someone "Go fuck yourself" without ever having to open your mouth.

To Conclude

Losers have high norepinephrine and low serotonin. So they end up having a poor outlook on life and are afraid to take a chance at something new.

Looking for some easy, satisfying wins might be just what they need.

That being said, look for victories every day. It's good for your mental health and improves your overall mood.

If you have any activities that make you feel like a winner, share in the comment section down below.

-Until next time

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