December 8, 2019

How to Fix Weak Knees (Easy Solution for Bad Knees)

fix your bad knees weak knees

Do you have bad knees? Do your kneecaps give you discomfort for days at a time? Lucky for you, I have your solution.

I was cursed with bad knees that always felt seemingly weak or tender. I always felt too aware of my kneecaps.

But after some time researching and finding the perfect exercises, I no longer have bad knees. And I'm gonna show you how I did it:

What's really going on with your bad knees?

The issue is very likely not your knees. Instead your issue is your gluteus medius.

fix bad knees weak knees

This muscle is easily neglected and I'll get to why in a moment.

When you lack gluteus medius muscle your body relies on other ways to support your body mass. Oftentimes your knees are compensating for your lack of medius ass muscle.

The same way you have lower back pain when you have weak glutes and abs overall.

This muscle is also very associated with your hips. So it's been my personal observation that people who can't hula hoop will have bad knees.

How do you fix your weak knees and strengthen the gluteus medius?

If you're reading this then you specifically need to work your gluteus medius directly.

First you're gonna need resistance bands. I personally use industrial rubber bands. But I recommend you use actual exercise bands.

There are only two exercises that you really need to do. I recommend doing both of these exercises because they are easy and can be done at home.

Exercise #1 - Band Seated Abduction

Exercise #2 - Band Crab Walks

Perform 3 to 4 sets of both of these exercises every single day.

Here's a quick Knee Rehab Routine:
- Seat Abduction (12 reps)
- Crab Walk (1 minute)

- Seat Abduction (12 reps)
- Crab Walk (1 minute)

- Seat Abduction (12 reps)
- Crab Walk (1 minute)

You'll be amazed at how quickly your knees will improve.

After your second or third session you'll notice your knees feel relief and gain stability.

Hell, it only took me a little over a week before my knees felt healthy again.

And to be honest, it was so easy, I’ll never go back to having weak knees again.

Until next time,

- Rich


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