How To Get A Chiseled Jawline (94% Guarantee)

get a chiseled jawline

Are you trying to get a nice, aesthetically-pleasing, chiseled jawline? Who wouldn't? Everyone wants a pretty face that's easy on the eyes.

Well here's a little secret: You may actually already have a sexy, chiseled face and not even know it.

There's only one major difference between your face and the chiseled faces of handsome men and beautiful women you admire.

What the difference?


Pretty people tend to have lean faces that show definition. When you aren't lean, you're actually hiding the most attractive features of your face. The fat on your face covers up all of your defining features and gives you a rounder look.

By having a lean face, people get to notice your chiseled jawline and defined cheekbones. In turn, people will find you much more attractive.

3 Steps to a Chiseled Jawline

You will learn how you lose face fat, what you should eat and drink, and the supplements that will help you get the attractive face you've always wanted.

When you follow these steps correctly, your lean face is almost guaranteed:

1) The ONLY Way You Get A Lean Face & Chiseled Jawline

A lot of you aren't going to want to hear this, but it's the truth.

People will have you believe that there's some sort of secret to getting a nice jawline if you're not genetically gifted.

They try to sell you on nonsense advice like doing "jaw exercises", chewing gum, teeth-breaking toys, and forcing smiles. This DOES NOT get you a chiseled jawline. Neither does styling your hair or grooming your beard.

The REAL way to get a nice, lean face is to LOSE FAT.

And no, "face diets" don't exist or any kind of spot reduction like that.

To get a lean face you will need to lose fat everywhere. So not only will you lose fat on your face, you will also lose fat on your body.


The answer is diet.

You can do all the nonsense exercises you want and nothing will happen. Because your face is like your abs. You only see definition when you drop the fat.

This takes STRICT dieting and most people aren't able to do that. That's why I'm going to show you the secret weapon to strict dieting later on

Do you still need to diet if you're not actually fat?

It's possible that you don't have to diet down at all. There's a chance your face is actually bloated.

A bloated face can cover up any facial features you may have. So even if your bodyfat is somewhat low, chances are your face bloat is preventing your face from having definition. I'll address this later.

2) The BEST Fat Loss Diet is a Low Carb or Carnivore Diet

You want to have a diet that has low-to-no carbs or sodium. Both of which increase water retention and bloat on the body.

When you remove carbohydrates from your diet, you'll be noticeably leaner within 48 hours. This is because carbs are the number one obstacle to having a lean body.

By having a low carb intake, your body's fat burning process begins and you start dropping weight. This is because your insulin levels get low when you don't consume carbs.

However, when you do consume carbs, your insulin levels shoot back up again and halts your fat-burning processes. For simplicity, keep the following in mind:

Less Carbs = Less Insulin = More Fatloss

Make sure you eat at least 1.5 grams of protein per day if you don't want to lose any muscle.

For a simple, straightforward dieting plan, check out the #1 Strategy to Lose Fat & Get Lean. But as long as you keep your diet high protein, low carb, and stay in a caloric deficit you should be fine.

3) You MUST Drink More Water

When you don't drink enough water your body tries to hang on to all the water it can get. This means your body becomes bloated to prevent dehydration.

So when you drink lots of water your body will have no reason to retain any bloat. Instead you'll pee out any extra water in your system because your body trusts you will keep it hydrated.

So grab a gallon of water and keep it wherever you are usually present.

By consistently drinking water you will avoid bloat and keep your body as near lean as possible.

After you've implemented all three steps above, there are two more supplements you can take to put your fat loss into hyperdrive.

The #1 Supplement to Get a Chiseled Jawline

You want to use this supplement first to melt off all the undesired fat you want. The other supplement, which is used after you've lost the fat, will be mentioned later.

Your time is too precious and every day you don't make progress is another day it stays on your mind. That's why you definitely want to use a fat burner.

Here's the truth - if you're obese, then losing fat is a lot easier than if you are thin.

People who are already a healthy weight, including athletes, have a much harder time losing bodyfat. They have to suffer a lot more if they want to make progress and that's why nobody makes progress without the help of a fat burner.

So which fat burner should you use?

Well many of the fat burners that work very well tend to be illegal. While most of the legal fat burners don't work at all. Here is a fat burner that's proven both legal and effective -

The Greatest Legal Fat Burner & Effective Supplement for Facial Aesthetics:


Suppress Cravings, Burn Fat, and Lose Weight (No Prescription Required!)

Of course, anyone can use Phen375. But people at a healthier weight will have a harder time losing weight, so Phen375 may be what they need for their weight and hunger suppression!

Here is a short list of ingredients in Phen375 which may help get you the results you're looking for:

L-Carnitine: To give your body energy by getting stored body fat into the bloodstream.

Caffeine Powder Anhydrous: To reduce hunger pangs preventing you to crave food.

Coleus Forskolii Root PE (10% Forskolin): To activate adenylyl cyclase and raise cyclic AMP levels in a wide variety of cell types

Citrus Aurantium: To increase the body's metabolism and fat mobilization.

Cayenne Pepper: To increase your body temperature so you can burn more calories.

Dendrobium Nobile Extract (from orchids): Commonly used to improve digestion.

(Optional) Supplement for a Defined, Lean Face

To get your face looking as lean and defined as possible, check out dandelion root. This supplement works as a diuretic and does a great job and getting rid of any extra water you may have in your face.

To appreciate the temporary effects of dandelion root, make sure (1) take the recommended amount and (2) drink lots of water.

Conclusion - To get a chiseled jawline you need to lose fat and lean down with proper dieting. Make sure you drink lots of water and take advantage of Phen375 and Dandelion Root to achieve an undeniably attractive face.

If you’re looking to lose weight and look great or get strong and build muscle, check out A Stud’s Physique for the easiest and simplest fitness ebook ever created.


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