Why You Should Always Follow Your Gut Instinct

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What is your gut instinct?

Your gut instinct is more than just a hunch, an intuition, or inner voice.

Your gut instinct is your path, your prosperity, your destiny.

As a child you acted on your gut instinct without hesitation.

You listened to this inner voice and it guided you to your interests, your "calling".

As a child you smiled and laughed with glee because you already knew what you wanted in life.

But over time you're led astray.

You are told to do one thing and your gut tells you to do something else.

Your inner voice is drowned out by outside voices.

Although your gut instinct continues to learn through your subconscious, you mistakenly learn to not listen to it.

Where does your gut instinct come from?

Your gut instinct, or inner voice, comes from your ancestors.

It's been passed down and developed generation by generation.

Biologically this is true. Your bloodline has developed this inner voice since it originated from the very first.

And now it belongs to you.

Is there more to this gut instinct?


Some consider it to be a way to communicate with God, the universe, and other religious figures.

Don't be quick to dismiss these beliefs.

Most people who discover their inner voice tie it in with their spirituality.

Who can blame them? The voice seems to come from the beyond.

Let your inner voice guide you.

These past 7 months I’ve had two of my grandparents die of cancer.

One dealt with cancer over many years. The other seemed to die within a month.

These people died and they had nothing to show for it.

Nobody should live past 70 years and have nothing to leave behind.

Thankfully, everyone who dies is never truly gone.

Although their soul may go on to a happier place, part of them lives on in your body and blood.

They continue to live on in an ethereal way.

A way that lets them guide you to where you should be.

Our ancestors and lost loved ones continue to live on within us.

In our inner voice.

The very same voice that knows what's best for us.

As it only makes sense that our ancestors want to see us safe and prosperous. We're the only thing they left behind that matters.

So they offer us their wisdom through our inner voice. Should we be lucky and aware enough to tap into it.

This is how I like to see it. You can see things however fits you best.

How to get in touch with your inner voice

Sometimes your inner voice speaks to you out of the blue.

Other times you need moments of silence to let the voice find you.

It’s when you're in solitude that the answer will find you. Whether you're in a crowded place or not.

But beware -

You must learn to tell the difference between the physical sensation of your emotions and your gut instinct.

Careful not to mistake one for the other. As emotions can appear in your moments of weakness.

This is also why we become wiser as we age. Emotions become old and easier to differentiate from gut wisdom.

Young and naive souls are still open to emotional influence. As it's harder to differentiate emotion and gut instinct when you’re so young.

Learn the sensations you experience when your intuition speaks to you.

Because great things happen when you listen to your intuition.

Thanks to my intuition I knew when to quit my job and make online money.

I knew when to leave an area and avoid a robbery.

And somehow it always knew whether or not to trust somebody.

I listened to the inner voice and it was the right decision every time.

It's your duty to take the time to speak and consult with your inner voice - then honor it.

So you can continue on your path and prosper.

Your ancestors wouldn't have it any other way.

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15 comments on “Why You Should Always Follow Your Gut Instinct”

  1. I totally agree with this post. Following our inner voice and trusting it is definitely something that takes time, almost like a skill. It can certainly keep us out of trouble and lead us to some wonderful opportunities when we listen to it. Wonderful post!

  2. I always trust my gut feeling. I'm a logical person but I like to trust my gut when it tells otherwise

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