November 9, 2018

How to Beat Sticking Points in the Gym

Having a sticking point means that you have difficulty moving a weight at certain points of a movement.

For example, let's say you bench press with heavy weight and you might notice a part of the movement where you struggle.

If you don't bring the weight all the way down to your chest, then your sticking point may be at the bottom of the movement.

Your sticking points are points where the weight feels heaviest. These are areas you need to work on.

You work on them either by lifting lighter weights or doing exercises that specifically works your sticking points.

Although you can always get a spotter to get you through that bit of motion you struggle on, it's better to work on your technique rather than neglect it.

For bench press do double-takes. For curls do 24's or hit curls.

For squats practice body weight squats for ass-to-the-grass range of motion or use a lighter weight.

Understand Your Sticking Points So You Can Use Them

The bad news is that if you know your sticking points then you know at what part of the movement you will fail.

The good news is that your sticking points are where gains are made.

When you really struggle and force your body to finish the rep, you've essentially had a huge sticking point breakthrough.

Because as you go further into your workout, that sticking point in your range of motion only gets larger.

Again, breaking through sticking points are where gains are made.

When you understand these sticking points you can use them to perform effective partial reps.

This is when you see those huge motherfuckers in the gym perform half reps and such.

They understand which part of the movement gives them the most pump.

They understand the relationship between the weight they can manage and sweet spot for that particular exercise.

It's how you make gains with partial reps.

Learn Proper & Partial

When you learn both you can utilize both.

Notice how those with proper form tend to lift less than those with improper form.

But those who lift improper (but smart) with partial form tend to be stronger.

Cheat reps can still work the muscles and can still increase strength. As it's one of many ways to break through a plateau.

But if you put your safety at risk while doing this, then obviously you don't know what you're doing and you shouldn't do it.

Spotting Teaches You About Sticking Points

Look at where your gym buddy struggles, and you'll know his sticking point.

Tell him where this is. And ask him to do the same.

Because sometimes you think you're struggling with a movement, but you're not.

Sometimes you just don't like a certain part of a movement, so you think you're struggling.

If an attentive spotter sees you struggle, then it's legit. If he says you make it look easy, then it's in your head.

Give yourself a minute to get your head straight, add a bit more weight, focus and kill it.

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