How Bad Does Alcohol Affect Bodybuilding?

In this post, we go over (1) how bad does alcohol affect bodybuilding, (2) why alcohol is bad for building muscle, and (3) does alcohol restrict muscle growth?

Alcohol consumption has been shown to slow down our metabolism and reduce our ability to burn fat. This is in part because the human body reacts differently to alcohol than it does to real food. The body treats alcohol as a poison rather than a nutrient, making it impossible to store calories from alcohol in the same way that the body stores calories from food.

Alternatively, our metabolism switches to removing toxic waste by burning stored calories from food. The main toxic chemicals produced by alcohol consumption are called acetate and acetaldehyde. Almost immediately after two drinks, you'll feel like going to the bathroom. Your body temporarily converts unwanted byproducts into fuel to release toxins. This slows down the natural metabolic process of burning stored fat or adipose tissue. Research has shown that alcohol replaces fat as fuel and provides many of your daily calorie needs.

How Bad Does Alcohol Affect Bodybuilding?

So you enjoy a few drinks, your metabolism shuts down your fat-burning abilities, and you start breaking down the drink first. As a result, calories from food are stored as fat. From there, alcohol reduces our ability to burn fat, especially in the abdominal area, creating the ever-popular "beer belly." Long-term trials have also shown that older women who drink alcohol gain less weight than women who abstain. These women are said to have consumed alcohol occasionally. And on those days, they were physically active and consumed fewer calories.

Does that mean you can't exercise and enjoy a relaxing glass of wine before dinner? Fortunately, research has shown that drinking moderately can be good for our health.

Why Is Alcohol Bad For Building Muscle?

Alcohol is very different in that it contains no macronutrients or micronutrients. But there are 7 calories in every 1 gram of alcohol. So alcohol is empty calories.


So What Does Alcohol Do For Your Health?

Many people assume that alcohol doesn't affect their bodies because they eat well. Unfortunately, this is not true. A good diet does not overcome the negative effects of alcohol. To achieve results in the gym, you need a combination of exercise, nutrition, and recovery. Alcohol interferes with this process, no matter how strict you are about what you eat. The main reason is that alcohol stops the synthesis of myofibrillar proteins (MPS). Protein synthesis restores muscle protein. During exercise, muscles are stressed and damaged. Muscles need protein to repair this damage. MPS is a process that enhances protein recovery.

Alcohol plays a bigger role in protein synthesis than diet does in breaking down proteins. When the body breaks down muscle protein, it breaks down more muscle than it builds. In other words, you never build muscle. Many try to combine protein sources with alcohol to reduce its negative effects. It does not alter the effect of alcohol on muscle growth. But to reduce the intensity of the negative effects, exercise earlier in the day. Allow as much time as possible between exercising and drinking alcohol. This limits its effect on muscle protein synthesis.

Does Alcohol Restrict Muscle Growth?

Yes, alcohol makes bodybuilding more difficult. But you definitely shouldn't give up beer to succeed. You just have to be logical, high-calorie junk foods probably get in the way of bodybuilding progress, but how many times have you seen a bodybuilder eat a cheeseburger?

I think this is a better answer to this question than anything I've ever written! Does alcohol affect bodybuilding? Yes, but that's no reason not to drink.

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