How Can I Get in the Mindset to Lose Weight?

Let's go over tips and tricks that help people get in the mindset to lose weight.

Your mindset is the key to achieving lasting change. In the short term, you can motivate yourself to exercise and eat healthier for a few weeks. However, without the right weight loss mindset, you can fall back into unhealthy habits. To make lasting changes, you need to create a plan to change the way you think about weight loss.

8 Tips to Get in the Mindset to Lose Weight

Here are eight tips for focusing on your weight loss goals and seeing results:

1. Set Nutrition and Fitness Goals

Having a clear set of achievable goals can help you get in the right mindset about losing weight. If you have a positive growth mindset and believe that you will eventually achieve what you want, then you can create goals and achieve them. Starting with goals gives you a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

Think beyond "I want to lose 10 pounds" and work on a series of goals within your control, such as:

  • Being able to cycle to work for 25 minutes non-stop
  • Replace soft drinks and sweets with tea, coffee, and water
  • You can play a full game or a round of your favorite sport
  • Learn to read and use nutrition labels to make healthy choices

2. Food is not a reward

For many of us, food is an emotional reward and an inspiration. It's so easy to grab your favorite comfort food after a long day or reward yourself with a snack for your hard work. Breaking the “food = reward” association is key to changing your mindset about weight loss. Once you train yourself to feel satisfied by consistently achieving your goals, it becomes easier to break the habit of rewarding or comforting yourself with food.

3. Don't divide food into "bad" and "good"

Likewise, it's never a good idea to give up on yourself when you're changing your mindset and losing weight. Avoid grouping foods into "bad" or "good" categories. While some foods are certainly worse for your health than others, try to separate your emotions from your healthy choices. Also, it's okay to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation, no matter how "bad" you feel. Life is all about finding balance, so don't deprive yourself of the foods you love now and then!

4. Stop eating before you are full

We often eat in a hurry. If you want to lose weight, slow down and take the time to enjoy your food. If you take time to eat, you are less likely to overeat. People tend to overeat for various social or cultural reasons, but the best way to combat overeating is to stop eating before you feel full. If you wait until you're full before eating, you'll feel full if you've digested the entire meal.


5. Improve your discipline

Self-discipline is important to developing the right mindset for weight loss. You will often have to say "no" to other people during this process. Whether you're spending a night at the club with your family or avoiding donuts at the office, it takes some discipline to make these tough decisions.

One of the ways to smooth the way and increase self-discipline is to eliminate temptation. If you often stop by your favorite fast food restaurant on your way home from work, consider taking a different route home so you aren't tempted to stop for a bite to eat.

6. Take time to improve

Patience is the key to a good weight loss mindset. It can be incredibly tempting to weigh yourself every morning, but if it's holding you back due to natural fluctuations, you might want to stick to weekly weigh-ins. However, if you decide to track your progress, consider a longer time frame for achieving your goals. Real life and human biology can often get in the way of our weight loss goals, and part of the right weight loss mindset is accepting the fact that it takes time.

7. Keep moving

If you're serious about losing weight, any form of exercise is important. While you can't ditch an unhealthy diet, staying active will not only help you get in the right mindset to lose weight, but it will also cut down on the time it takes. Talk to your doctor or healthcare professional about an exercise program that's right for you, and be sure to include aerobic exercise (such as dancing, running, and swimming) and strength training for the best results.

8. Keep a weight loss journal

If you want to motivate yourself to get into the right mindset to lose weight, a weight loss journal can help. There will be days or even weeks when going to the gym is impossible or you just can't get rid of junk food cravings. Even worse, it's family gatherings and social interactions that slow down your weight loss. Keeping honest records in a weight loss journal not only allows you to review all your hard work on bad days but also allows you to recognize patterns over time and adjust your strategy as needed.

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