June 16, 2020

How to Build Powerful Habits & Become Who You Want to Be

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It's important that you build powerful habits rather than fall into a bad routine.

You need to be intentional about the habits you make. Because everyone has habits. But do your habits get you closer to who you want to be?

I don't know your dreams or aspirations, but I do know that if you want to reach them you'll need to put in some work.

This means that you will need to form habits that will get you closer to your goal every single day.

This is no secret. Everyone knows this.

Then why do so many people fail? The reason why is because people try to take on too much. They try to stack on multiple new habits into their daily life. This is a reckless way to try and build habits.

When you take on too much and you slip-up, there's a high chance you will double-down on your self-sabotage and regress back to your old ways. You may even give up on the habit altogether.

So let's take a step back and ask ourselves this:

How can I stick to my new daily habits?

To answer that question you need to be aware that there are different types of habits. I like to call these small habits and big habits.

Small Habits

One type of a small habit is doing something every single day that only takes a brief moment of your time. For example, brushing your teeth is a daily habit that only takes a few moments of your day.

Another type of a small habit is modifying the activities that you already do. For example, instead of drinking soda you only drink water.

Small habits are essential to your daily life because they BUILD MOMENTUM. They serve as a daily reminder of what direction you should be going.

So ask yourself, what brief moment habits and modifications can I make to get me closer to the life I want to have?

I recommend you type all of your daily habits onto an app. This way you can turn on a repeat daily reminder if you need it. Here is the to-do/calendar app I use.

Big Habits

Small habits are also best done early in the day because they encourage you to follow through with related big habits.

One type of big habit is giving an activity a time-commitment. An obvious example is having a job that's scheduled 9-5, or eight hours of your day.

NOTE: I find that 45 minutes is a good amount of time to set aside every day to build a specific habit. 45 minutes is neither too long nor too short and isn’t too difficult to arrange.

If you’re looking to maintain a habit, I suggest 25 minutes. By the time you’re maintaining a habit, you’re proficient enough to be very productive within those 25 minutes.

Another type of big habit is one that requires you to hit a daily target objective, regardless of how long it takes. An example is forcing yourself to read 10 pages of a book per day, or forcing yourself to make X sales a day.

Big habits can feel like a big drag. However, they tend to be the essential habits that make the biggest difference.

Ask yourself if you can handle all the habits you're trying to build.

Be honest with yourself – how many do you really think you can manage every single day for a month?

Let’s be real! The easiest habits to maintain are modification and brief-moment habits. You can apply many of these habits daily without much resistance or burnout.

The habits that are troublesome are the timed and objective habits. Why? Because you’re either learning, creating or imposing yourself in a direct hands-on manner.

Small Habits = Low Effort
Big Habits = High Effort

Building habits is a process!

Big habits aren’t easy to build if you take too many on at once.

If you're not a particularly busy person, then you can probably work on building two to three big habits every day. Of course, less is better and more likely to be accomplished.

If you’re a very busy person, then it’s best to focus on only building ONE new big habit. If you try to do more, chances are you’ll crash a burn.

Most importantly - Ask yourself if what you’re building is really worth the effort.

How to Know When a Habit is Built

If you already hit the gym many times a week, chances are you don’t feel right if you take too many days off.

This is because a habit is successfully built when you don't feel right for not doing it.

Nobody talks about this! When a habit is done being built, stop worrying about it!

Once a habit starts to feel like a natural part of your lifestyle and who you are, stop building what's already built and start building your next habit.

weight loss build powerful habits levelupstud

Now I don’t know your life. But chances are you have some obligation that your life revolves around. Maybe it’s a job, your family, your business, etc. This regimen was made with your obligation in mind.

I’m not here to do a complete life rehaul. The only real change you should see is in the mirror and on the scale. However there are three tiny habits and three big habits you must have in your life.

The good news? One or two of those big habits are something you’re already doing. I’ll explain later.

The bad news? You should already know about calories and understand that you must put yourself in a caloric deficit every day.

To make it simple, ask yourself what your target weight goal is, then multiply it by 10. The answer is the max calories you can consume a day.

Example: You want to weigh 160lbs. That means 160 x 10 = 1,600. So you will consume a maximum of 1,600 calories a day.

You must hold yourself responsible for maintaining that calorie restriction. This regimen will help you do that.

Build Powerful Habits for Weight-Loss

Now some of these habits can be checked off a to-do list in a matter of seconds. While the others will take time out of your day.

You must do each of these tasks every single day. ZERO COMPROMISE.

Fat-loss is, has, and always will be, a result of CONSISTENCY.

Let’s go over the three smaller habits first:

3 Small Powerful Weight-Loss Habits

 Take a progress picture every day. Every single day you will take a picture of yourself shirtless. This is how you’ll measure your progress over time. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you do this. It can be first thing in the morning, mid-day, or late at night. The only thing that matters is that you take the picture every single day.

 Take a fat burner pill every day. Every single day you will take a fat burner pill. It doesn’t matter which brand, as long as it has many reviews that say it works. Here is the burner I used. You will take one pill every single day. Taking more than one is entirely optional. You may notice that the best time to do it is first thing in the morning. You may also notice that you have to skip your morning coffee since the pill will give you all the buzz you need. I’m not telling you how to take it. It’s up to you. The only thing that matters is that you take a fat burner pill every single day.

 Drink a jug of water every day. Every single day you will drink a jug of water. This means that before you call it a day and fall asleep, you will finish your entire jug of water. This doesn’t have to be a gallon of water a day, but it can be. It just has to be a relatively big amount of water you drink every day. For example, a 2 liter of soda is a relatively big amount of liquid. So if you can find a bottle that can fit 2 liters of water, use that. Get your own big jug, bottle, or container you will drink your water from so you have a sure idea of how much you will drink daily. Here is what I used. The only thing that matters is that you drink a jug of water every single day.

Now we just went over the smaller habits. Each of these can be done or started at the beginning of your day.

The benefit to crossing these tasks off your to-do list first thing is that you build MOMENTUM.

These habits also make it easy to establish daily CONSISTENCY as you progress.

Here are the three bigger habits:

3 Big Powerful Weight-Loss Habits

 Go to work/school. This assumes you are a student or have work that brings you money. You will continue to do this every single day, unless it’s your day off. Since your life revolves around this, it’s going on this list. After you finish work/school you will cross this off your to-do list. If you don’t have work/school for the day, cross it off your to-do list.

 Exercise 45 minutes every day. It does not matter if you exercise indoors or outdoors. You will exercise for 45 minutes every single day. This means every day you will put a timer on your phone for a full 45 minutes and perform physical activity. The physical activity does not matter, but it must be physical. You can lift weights, jog, pilates, yoga, walk, bodyweight exercise, etc. You can even perform one single exercise, like seated band abductions or kettlebell swings, for 45 minutes. It does not matter what the physical activity is, so long as it’s physical and you do it for 45 minutes every single day.

 Another 45 minute habit of your choice. This is a necessary placeholder habit. It’s necessary because people eat when they have too much free time. However, this habit can be anything you are already doing. It can be doing homework, building a skill, spending time with family, or even playing video games. Ideally it’s something that you already do (if you don’t have much free time) or something you should do (if you have too much free time). It doesn’t matter what the habit is, but you must do it a minimum of 45 minutes a day and it can’t mess with your weight-loss. If you don’t have any ideas, it can be preparing food (grocery shopping and cooking count toward the 45 minutes).

If this habit is something you do regularly, but you have the ‘day off’ from it, substitute it with another habit for the day. Like all the other habits, cross it off your to-do list upon completion. It does not matter what the habit is, so long as it doesn’t mess with your weight loss and you do it for 45 minutes every single day.


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  1. I've been trying to build new habits since a year and I've learned a lot too. The most important lesson was: it doesn't matter if you skip one day, two or three; just keep on going. I used to feel soo bad and guilty when I skipped one day that it left me with no energy and motivation to continue.

  2. My number 1 habit is to state your point and stop talking. When you keep talking you weaken your point over explaining.

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