November 18, 2018

How to Counter Her Manipulations

I want to start by saying, I found the entire post absolutely disgusting.

And completely true.

Like most men out there, we're aware of the incredible differences between man and woman.

Men rely on logic and are future-oriented. As opposed to women, who relyon emotion and are present-oriented.

I like how Chuck describes the ins and outs of feminine manipulation. And their subtle ability to sway emotions and perceptions as means ofpower.

Some people are resentful of this (it is what it is). But I can't help but admire how much better they are at it than men are.

However, sometimes our lovely ladies like to push how far they can go.

So I wanted to give my own personal input on the "how to deal with it" part.

Here's a list of common (yet subtle) manipulation tactics women use:

  • Guilt (silent treatments)
  • Social diffusal
  • Withholding sex
  • Playing victim
  • Playing dumb
  • Changing the topic
  • Pretending men and women are the same

Now I tend to be pretty laidback about relationships in general. And I think it's because I'm prepared to utilize the following tips when I feel they shouldbe used.

But I wanted to share these tips with you so that you can become near impervious to her 'way of getting things'.

This doesn't mean you must always apply them, (she needs to feel like she has some control). This is simply so you know how to counter her tactics.

Of course, some of these tips can also be applied to life in general.

Here are 4 tips to counter manipulation tactics women use:

Warning: Some of this advice might seem cold.

Reject Feelings Of Guilt & Shame

Now you'll probably assume that I'm some sort of sociopath for recommending this.

But what I really mean to say is: reject feelings of guilt and shame that are coming from outside factors.

This means that if someone or something is guilting and shaming you into doing or not doingsomething - reject the feeling entirely.

Fuck what they say and fuck what they think. Because the entire point of guilt and shame is for you to do what they want you todo.

Your life belongs to you. No one else.

With that being said, if you feel genuine guilt and shame coming from inside of you - then by all means, don't completely ignore it.

Take a step back and give yourself time to think rationally about it. Then act how you see fit.

Don't Believe In Trust

Consider that the general idea of trusting someone assumes that you trust the person entirely.

In other words: Trust is an ideal belief. And in an ideal world, it would work.

But we don't live in an ideal world. We live in a world that's full of chaos and order.

In an ideal world, we can trust everyone with everything.

But in the real world, we can only trust people to be people. Men to be men. And women to be women. So you shouldn't trust a person with everything.

Overall, trust is a tool to avoid needless accusations and fruitless confrontations.

And I say fruitless because it's very unlikely that a person who lies the first time, will freely tell the truth another time.

Simply trust that a person will act as a person does.

You'll have to gauge how they act based on your personal experience (or chew the red pill).

Be Willing To Cheat (If She Denies Sex)

(Of course, context matters: ex. she's on the rag or something.)

If you're in a committed relationship and she doesn't want to have sex. Who will you have sex with?


You've devoted your dick to her. So she's your only resource for sex.

And she knows it.

But answer me this:

  1. Do you think she'll respect you for putting up with a sexless relationship?
  2. Do you think she'll respect you if you express neediness for sex from her?

You're in a no-win situation brother.

Denying you of sex is a dirty manipulative trick, but she doesn't care how it hurts you. It's a means of control.

Andthat's when you apply this tip.

When she decides to deny you of sex, take it as implicit permission to cheat on her.

Now is this really the case? Depends -

Is a relationship without sex really a relationship? Or a platonic friendship where you're being used?

You don't have to actively go out looking to cheat. But at least be opent o it. The point is that you don't feel trapped in a 'hopeless situation'.

Never Get Legally Married & Don't Get Her Pregnant

If you're going to get married, don't get the government involved.

Let her have her wedding day. Get her a nice ring and treat her as wife.

But don't sign shit. Don't legalize the marriage.

If she opposes it, then she doesn't really love you. Because you don't need a piece of paper to prove that you two love each other.

And be extra careful to avoid getting her pregnant: Follow her cycle, pull out early, always wear a condom.

Whatever it takes to keep you safe.

To Conclude

Applying these tips will make you near impervious to the subtle tricks women use. And at the very least, you can maintain your frame and intentionally decide when to let her feel like she has control of you (if ever).

I'm telling you all of this because:

If you let all of her manipulations get to you, she'll lose respect for you. Being a nice guy simply isn't going to cut it. Womendon'tplay fair. So neither should you.

Fair in a relationship is a man's concept. If you don't believe that, take a look at modern day feminism or how men get raped in divorce court.

Until next time,

-Rich <3


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2 comments on “How to Counter Her Manipulations”

  1. The egos of women nowadays are so fucked up high due to the constant ego inflation they experience on social media and in real life its unbelievable.

    Women are manipulators by nature, thats why you can never win an argument against women because you are arguing with an irrational being from the start making you the idiot for even trying that shit.

    Women will always try to have their way through manipulation if they cannot get it fairly.

    -Changing topics
    -Withdrawing sex

    And the worst thing of all, they cannot take responsibility yet act like they can.

    Women are just grown up children, I don't take them seriously.

    I also never fell in love after learning all this stuff 4 years ago.

    I think you only fall in love when you don't know the truth about women.


    1. Thanks for sharing WMS. We both know plenty of readers will agree with you.

      A great man once said, "Your biggest mistake was thinking that the other person will play fair".

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