May 8, 2020

How to Get a Thick Neck in 30 Days

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This past month I’ve been getting into direct thick neck training. Although its only been a month, I’ve noticed my neck feels puffier due to increased blood flow, a slight increase in vascularity, and my shirt collars are fitting tighter.

So its been my personal observation that the neck actually grows fairly quickly when you give it special treatment. Even though its only been a month, I’ll continue to train it until my neck has respectable size.

In the meantime, I’ll show you my neck routine for this past month. So you can grow your neck in as little as thirty days. All you need is the following:

Neck Training Routine

I’ve decided to keep neck training as simple as possible. This means you will only be performing two neck exercises for twenty minutes every single day for 30 days.

The neck exercise you will be doing is the neck curl and neck extension.

Watch the following videos: (1) Neck Curl/Extension (2) Neck Safety

However, you may stumble upon other neck exercises as well. Don’t worry about those other neck exercises. The neck curl and extension exercises are more than enough.

You want to start off with a light weight. For example, I started with 7.5lbs. When you start at a light weight, you don’t need to worry about reps and sets.

At a light weight, focus on performing the movements slowly with time under tension. This way you learn how to perform the neck movements safely and get the neck used to weight resistance.

When you work your way up to 20lbs+ you will focus less on slow movement. Instead you will perform the neck exercises in a controlled manner for multiple sets of 10+ reps.

For your neck training you will do as many sets as you comfortably can within the duration of twenty to forty minutes.

You will do this every single day for thirty days. If you feel neck pain or you feel you neck is being overworked, take two days off from neck training.

Neck Training Tips

Make sure your neck harness is on properly. When you put on the neck harness, check a mirror to make sure it’s on straight. This helps keep the weight evenly distributed to your neck and prevent possible injury.

You don’t need to go very heavy. Personally, I only went so far as 25lbs for up to 20 reps per set. A self-inflicted neck injury is the last thing you want. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Try to keep your neck training around the same time every day. This means you will have twenty hours between each neck training section. Although this isn’t a hard rule, it’s suggested so you don’t strain you neck by training it too often (ex. two neck training sessions within 12 hours).

Warm-up your neck before neck training. It’s important to warm-up your neck to avoid neck strain. Typically you can skip a warm-up if you perform neck training in the later part of your day. You can warm-up your neck by turning and bending your head in all directions for a nice stretch.

3 Reasons to Get a Thick Neck

A thick neck protects you from being sucker-punched. When you see a fighter deliver a knock-out punch, the receiving fighter stumbles and falls to the ground. The reason he got laid out is because the force of the punch was enough to shake the receiver’s brain within his skull until he lost consciousness. By having a thick neck you give your head much more stability.

A thick neck helps intimidate weaker men. If you compare two men, a thick neck and a thin neck, you will easily assume the thick necked man can beat down the other man. Well, the man with a thin neck thinks the same thing. Everyone assumes that a thicker neck means you are more athletic and more physically capable of taking someone down. This possibility makes people hesitant to take you on.

Women find a thick neck to be very masculine. A man with a thick neck simply looks more physically capable than most men. Women who are more feminine appreciate this sort of aesthetic on a man because it’s such a rare masculine trait to have. Whether they realize or not, a thick neck is an attractive quality, similar to big arms or a v-taper.


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14 comments on “How to Get a Thick Neck in 30 Days”

  1. I'm one of those guys who has the dominant neck muscles in the rear and now i know how to correct my weak neck muscles. Thanks bro

  2. I used to have a huge head compared to my body and a small neck
    I just did neck curls twice a week 5 sets per workout with only 5 kg and my neck grew bigger then my head just after 6 months
    Just do slow controlled reps

    1. Good job Balyeet. I've noticed that your neck can gain size quickly but also lose it rather quickly as well. Noted. Thanks for reading.

  3. I think I was doing it wrong since I was lying of the floor using a 5 lb plate and doing flexion and extensions, after doing this I have been getting dizzy when lying down and getting up. Not sure if it was from that. It I only started after doing those exercises

    1. When you're doing neck work on the floor it doesn't makes sense to use weight. You should be performing neck flexion in the same manner that you perform ab crunches.

      If you're going to use weight you need more range of motion. Which you won't get when you're laying down on the floor.

  4. Training your neck?It never crossed my mind this was a thing.
    Well shit, I thought headbanging was the only way to train your neck

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